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Thread: Pool Renovation- IG vinyl- 30yrs old---FINISHED

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    Pool Renovation- IG vinyl- 30yrs old---FINISHED

    We bought this house 3 years ago. It came with an old IG pool, about 15x31, we were told the liner was less than 5yrs old.

    Here's a pic:

    You can see the tall arborvited alongside the pool, a combination of those trees and a 60ft fat pine tree (removed as soon as we moved in) blocked most sun from ever reaching the pool, and dropped endless amounts of pollen, sap and pine cones. So I cut down 6 of the arborvite and replaced the chainlnik fence with a vinyl privacy fence. We unexpectedly picked up an extra 10 feet of usable space.

    You can see the wood decking is badly warped and nearly as old as the pool. The wood is a few inches above the coping, so we're able to see the metal wall of the pool and it traps moisture that rusts the metal. Removal the wood was a difficult job and it took awhile to find best method. Ended up being the circular saw and prybar.

    The rust was pretty bad in a few spots, but the rest of the wall is still strong. We were told by a pool company that we'd be able to install coping onto the metal. The condition wasn't too bad.

    We're also getting the plumbing re-done, and we'll then pour concrete decking. Not sure if we'll keep the same liner receptor or install a liner-receptive coping so when we do the liner in a few years we can then attach to the higher coping attached to the concrete? Or do we just get a coping maybe covers a little more, but can't receive a liner. Our pool guy is going to get us some samples so we can see, but does anyone here have experience with something similar?

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    Re: Pool Renovation- IG vinyl- 30yrs old

    I can't wait to see pictures as your project progresses!

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    Re: Pool Renovation- IG vinyl- 30yrs old

    What's a fair price to have aluminum coping installed?

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    Re: Pool Renovation- IG vinyl- 30yrs old

    we're looking at either Gray or White aluminum coping. I've only seen white and I'm having a hard time finding photos with the gray. I've scanned through many photos here without any luck.

    The price is: $650 for white and $850 for gray. Will come with custom cut radiuses. Installation (including the removal of the rusty bolts from photos) will be $600. Seems reasonable.

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    Custom ordered aluminum coping...DOESN'T FIT! What now???

    Here's a pic, the installer was supposed to install today, but messaged me saying he needed something else and would continue tomorrow. To me it looks like he didn't measure properly, but I know he said he had to measure so it could be custom-made and it would arrive in a week. Will he be able to bend this??? I tried's extremely stiff. Or will he need to re-order? Any reccomendations?

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    Re: Pool Renovation- IG vinyl- 30yrs old

    just posted this...i need some suggestions...he's coming back tomorrow to finish: custom-ordered-aluminum-coping-doesn-t-fit-what-now-t47605.html

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    Re: Custom ordered aluminum coping...DOESN'T FIT! What now??

    I would suggest you let your installer handle it and see if he makes it work.
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    Re: Custom ordered aluminum coping...DOESN'T FIT! What now??

    I agree! If he ordered it wrong, it should be on him.....unless you start messing with it and bend it. It does look wrong though!
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    Re: Custom ordered aluminum coping...DOESN'T FIT! What now??

    Right. I didn't bend it...I just wanted to see how rugid it was to see if that was his intention. It doesn't seem possible to bend it accurately.

    He is a small contractor and was referred by a friend. I just worry he will try to slap it on and say he satisfied his end of the contract.

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    Re: Pool Renovation- IG vinyl- 30yrs old

    We have gray coping on our pool, but it looks like I'm too late with the picture. I noticed in another post that you already got white. so sad about that wrong size. we purchased ours from aquamatic, the same place where we purchased the cover.

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    Re: Pool Renovation- IG vinyl- 30yrs old

    The gray looks nice. I was having trouble finding good pics of gray coping, and my guy didn't have any gray samples so I couldn't envision it properly.

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    Re: Custom ordered aluminum coping...DOESN'T FIT! What now??

    Quote Originally Posted by BadOleRoss
    I agree! If he ordered it wrong, it should be on him.....unless you start messing with it and bend it. It does look wrong though!
    I spoke with him this morning, he explained the true radius of the coping vs the angled radius of the pool wall and said there will be a little overhang regardless, just because the wall is angled and the coping is not. I disagreed, but he said he wants to proceed to see how it looks and we'll evaluate after.

    I've looked at a lot of pool construction threads on here, and i've never seen coping that's off by this much. Should I let him proceed or should I insist that he orders new coping?

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    Re: Pool Renovation- IG vinyl- 30yrs old

    finished product...he had to return for a smaller radius, but still wasnt' able to match the radius very well. he said the pool kit used wasn't designed for this pattern, and the installer bent all the walls at different lengths and angles, therefore it was difficult/impossible to match perfectly.

    he said the concrete people will just put duct tape over this gap probably and we won't have any issues.

    we expected to have a gap between the liner and the coping, we plan to lower the pool level in the fall to repair the walls a bit and then stretch the liner up to the new coping. i'm concerned because there's a few gaps/overhangs where it seems like the liner will be loose with nothing behind it. is that valid concern?

    i had brought my concerns with him, and these were his rebuttals. he also warned me that the concrete company will probably say the coping is terrible, but the reasons were the radius's were incorrect to begin with.

    any thoughts?

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    Re: Pool Renovation- IG vinyl- 30yrs old

    Concrete Prep

    Finished Product

    (something on the lens of camera...not a crack)
    Very happy with the concrete work. They did an excellent job. This was in central CT, PM me if anyone is looking for an excellent pool patio company.

    Overall, the project took longer than expected but came in under budget. I removed 6 arborvitae and installed a couple sections of fence myself, then removed all of the wood decking around the pool. Was a lot more work than I expected. Wood was attached to pool by nearly 40 rusty lag bolts. Then we used a cheap un-licensed guy (but recommended by a construction attorney friend) for the plumbing and coping. Coping could've been much better, but he insists the pool wall radiuses weren't consistent and we wouldn't be able to find a good fit. I had 3 other quotes from other pool companies, and they were all hesitant to take on the job. Their estimates were $12k-$19k, and wanted me to do a new liner.

    -$1k for plumbing
    -$1250 for coping
    -$4500 for concrete
    Total Cost: $6750

    There's still a gap between the top of the liner and the new coping, so we may stretch the liner into the new coping (<5yrs old) or wait a few years until it's time for a new liner. Will also do some wall repair at that time. But aesthetically it looks much better than when we bought the house and is now much more user friendly.

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