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Thread: New to the Forum, need help lowering TA

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    New to the Forum, need help lowering TA

    I've been using the guidance on this forum for the last few months, but this is my first time posting. We had quite the black algae issue last year, my first year ever trying to care for a pool, so I was determined to not go down that path again. We got the pool up and running no problem about a week and half ago, but it was quite the green swamp--after many, many bottles of bleach at sustained shock levels and some algaecide no more algae, but some sustained cloudiness, which im sure will clear after some time, as im guessing its all dead algae that needs to be filtered out. (FYI--thanks to everyone on this forum, the local pool service suggested I drain and refill the pool, since it was so "green and dirty", but thanks to you all I knew better).

    My current numbers--
    FC -- 8 (just added a 182oz bottle of clorex last night, probably too soon, but Im still learning the timing)
    CA -- 50
    Calcium -- 270
    TA -- 150
    PH -- 7.4

    The TA seems a tad high, but the PH seems about where it should be, so Im afraid of using the "Lowering TA guide" since it lowers PH as well. Any thoughts?

    Also, having a new heat pump installed today, as I write this -- a 135k BTU heat siphon, but I dont think that will affect any of the above numbers correct? Unfortunately, Im heading on vacation for 2 weeks at the end of this week, and was going to use tablets, and have someone stop by only once to refill the tablets, but given my CA is on the upper range, not sure thats going to work. Perhaps I'll need to bribe friends/neighbors to pour some bleach for me--Any thoughts on how often I'll need them to stop by? I dont want to wait too long in between, but push my luck and they might not come at all!!! I just dont want to come back to a swamp or a repeat of the black algae... And FYI--our pool is very shaded, probably about 75% of the day, which I know helps with maintained chlorine levels.

    Thanks again,
    Washington DC
    30,000 gallon, concrete/plaster pool, sand filter, 1hp Hayward pump.

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    Re: New to the Forum, need help lowering TA

    Welcome to the forum

    First, I suggest you complete the shock process, all three tests, before you start on the TA.
    Also, if the TA is not bothering anything, I'd leave it alone. You do not have to lower the TA just to meet a 'recommended' level.

    But, if you really need/want to lower the TA, follow the acid/aeration directions in Pool School: pool-school/lowering%20total%20alkalinity
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