I am building an outdoor kitchen to finish up my huge outdoor renovation. The kitchen will have a 4' retaining wall as the back in an L shape. I'll have one side that's 7' and one that's 8' (plus the corner.)

I'm trying to save money and I'm going to use my pedestal mounted bbq grill (big brinkman ss model) as the grill for now, removed from the pedestal and built into the setup. That will give me 1 drawer, and 2 door fronts I can use to build in.

I'm curious what most folks are doing for how many cabinets and drawers (built in SS versions.) If the grill is on one side of the L, that'll leave that other side open for the small fridge, sink, and some drawers or cabinets.

Anyone have ideas as to what's worked and what hasn't? Ie, are the drawers just a waste? The OK is steps away from the house, so I don't need much in the way of "kitchen" storage.