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Thread: First time to open the pool..test results question.....

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    First time to open the pool..test results question.....

    We had our pool installed last September. We closed it at the end of October. We had a solid safety cover on it and the water was in very good shape yesterday when the PB opened it. We paid them to do it as hubby does not want to have to mess with the massive cover. They cleaned it and stored it for us also. I was not here when they opened it and am not sure what they added chemical wise. I know they added some Sodium Bicarbonate...they left me about half-3/4 of a huge bag. I also know they put in a box of Salt Water Magic as that was left empty also. I also had 2 full bottles of poly something algecide..did not look like anything was used out of empty bottle left either. They also left 2 bags of Shock and Clear unused, not sure if they used any other bags in the pool. They left a big bag of salt unopened, and 3 more boxes of Salt Water Magic.

    I cannot see any algae growth but the water is slightly cloudy. I can see the main drain in the deep end but it is not crystal clear as I had it upon closing. Is this to be expected for a pool that was covered for 5 months or so? It is much better than yesterday but still cloudy. Hubby and I really like our water crystal clear and this is bothering me. The filter has been running 24/7 since opening yesterday. I ran it 24/7 fron the time it was done to closing. I was thinking of trying to decrease it somewhat later after it gets sparkling again. The only thing that I had to add last season was pH reducer about once a week, nothing else was added nor needed. I am hoping for the same this summer.

    My results with the TF-100 are:
    FC 6.0
    CC 0
    TC 6.0
    pH ~7.4
    TA 140- I think they way overshot the sodium bicarb
    CH ~300
    CYA 80 yesterday I tested at 65 upon closing last Oct...I will redo this test Monday
    Water Temp 66 (we are not starting the heat pump until next week)

    The chlorinator is currently set at 35% but I just bumped it to 40% to try to get it to clear faster. I am thinking the TA will come down once the pool is being used and the deck jets and slide are running. Is it alright to let it stay up and come down on it's own or do I need to do something sooner? Anything else I should do? This is our first time owning a pool and we only had it open about 6 weeks last fall before closing so I am a totally new owner still.

    Thanks for any help!!

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    I believe you are in good shape. Your higher CYA reading is likely a result of the cloudiness in the water. Check it again when the water is good and clear, and you can adjust it then if needed.
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