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Thread: Mississippi Good Ole' Boys shut out owner/builder

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    Mississippi Good Ole' Boys shut out owner/builder

    Well.... I think I may hold the record for the shortest owner/builder project in history.

    I am a Tennessee gal newly transfered here and have been properly introduced to the Mississippi Good Ole' boys, "You can't swim in our pool" network! I live in a suburb area outside Jackson, Mississippi and after getting several pool quotes decided the cost to build a pool here was just not reasonable. I am quoting a freeform pool, No frills, No spa, no waterfall. About 745 sq. foot. , 100 perimeter ft. , around 34,000 gallons. Nothing fancy other than using salt system, standard equiptment, Standard 4ft. concrete decking. Lot is flat and needs nothing special, Actually it will be an easy build as I live on 3 acre, no fence and tons of rooms. The 4 quotes I have gotten have all been $54,000 -$57,000.

    I live in an area that is upscale and I have a nice home and I feel as soon as they drive up they think I am loaded and charge me accordingly. Well, sorry to say I am not as loaded as you may think. Yes I live in a nice home, but that is where we choose to put our investment, and I don't blow money on junk like new cars, clothes etc. I am getting a loan for my pool just like most of you.

    Anyway after getting these quotes over and over we decided to look at owner/building. This is only because we do not feel the builders in this area are willing to work for an reasonable profit. (It is not because we are cheap scates, LOL) As I began asking around regarding subs it because evident there are not all that many crews and the subs are scared of the PB's. There is one company that does almost all all of the plaster around here and alot of the rebar/gunite as well. He was willing to work with me (even admitted it would be a lot cheaper!) until he found out I had talked to one of the PB's and then he got scared and said they would in effect "blackball" him if he did my pool.

    Also, listen to this. I had found the excavator that many all the PB's use and we contacted him about digging our hole. He said sure and we made an appointment. When he came out here guess what? He brought with him one of the PB's we had had out for an estimate. It was an in your face, "So you think you can go around me" type of thing. It became evident very quickly that the excavator and this PB are in some sort of "Good ole' boys network" and they were letting us know we would meet resistance if we tried to owner/build around here. It really ticks me off, because I don't really WANT to owner/build, I am almost forced to do that because of the inflated prices they are charging in my area. We are talking Mississippi here not California, or somewhere up north where the cost of living is triple what ours is. I dare say half the crews around here are illegals.

    Like I said I have had 4 out so far and they are all well over $70.00 a sq. ft. to build a stand pool, with NO frills. In fact this PB that showed up yesterday with the excavator had quoted me over the phone a price of $60.00 a sq. foot to build a gunite pool, then when he came back with the estimate it was over $72.00 a ft. I think when they see where I live they assume (incorrectly) that we are loaded so the price just shoots up. Anyway, at this point I don't know what to do. Surely there are others "outside" this network. But I have to say I called another excavator last night and the first thing he did is refer me to HIS "boy" and it feels like deja vu. You would think in this economy you could find some crews that will respond to CASH in hand. On the other hand you have to be careful who you hire and it may be there are just not many crews that do swimming pools in this area and the PB's have a lock on them.

    I have been able to find a plumber and electrician easily, but the concrete/gunite crew is not looking good! There are NOT a lot of pools in my area. Now I know why! It is Hot, hot, hot here and I just could not understand why so few pools. Looks like these "Good ole boys" got a good thing goin' here in central Mississippi, "Let's build fewer pools but charge more money." What's a Tennessee girl to do??? Just venting. Thanks for listening.
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    elevated 8' spa w/ spillover
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    Pentair Triton II 30" sand filter
    LED (probably colorlogic) 3 in main pool and 1 in spa
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    Control System: Still working on this Intellitouch I guess but don't know all the components I need yet.

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    I hope you don't mind, but I edited your post just to insert some paragraphs - tough to read such a large block of text on the screen.

    Do you know anyone else who has built a similar pool in the area? If so what did they pay?

    I hate to say it, but for a pool that size, with the rising cost of concrete and fuel, that does not seem extraordinarily high. It's no bargain to be sure, but I was not shocked by the figure.

    However, blocking you from being able to build yourself, certainly isn't fair or legal; although proving it may be another story.

    Hopefully you will get some useful responses here, and you may also want to check over at .

    They may be able to help you get around some of the obstacles.
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    I've outlined the prices for my self build in the post in my signature, I know you've seen it before. I'm coming along nicely, just slowed down by my work schedule. All the estimates I got from the local PB's in my area were in the upper $50K to mid $60K range and that was NOT including top quality equipment, water features and colored LED lights (2). If I don't include the cost of the expensive fence I'm building (not included in the PB quotes either), my 800 sq ft/33K gal pool WITH some nice features will be under $44K.

    The price I pay for this is alot of sweat on my part and no real warranty if something goes wrong. I was willing to accept both of those for the large cost savings.

    Keep up with the research and know your stuff!

    Fortune favors the well prepared

    The build...
    Freeform 24' x 38' IG gunite. 3 1/2' to 8' deep. 28,500 gallons. AutoPilot Total Control SWCG. Pentair Intelliflo VF. Pentair CCP520 cartridge filter. Colorlogic LED lights. Tahoe Blue Diamond Brite. 1200 sq ft stamped concrete deck.
    More details as they happen...

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    I assume you tried Shoreline pools? They do a lot of vinyl liners but I believe they also do gunite.

    You are correct about the GOB network in is alive and well.
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    Mississippi Good Ole' boys

    Its just a thought, but if you did a fiberglass pool could you still get your pool and and not have to use the "local" help? You might rent a back hoe and find someone else to do the concrete around the pool after its in. Just a idea... Kimrst
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    Hey gal! Your definitely getting an inflated price. I live up here in NJ where everything costs more and the service you get is less! In any event, I just had my pool put in last fall and you can see from my signature, I have a fairly nice pool with some frills. (Water falls, colored lights, Jandy equipment) and I paid 40k. Paid a few more dollars for fence and landscaping, but I was getting quotes from Blue haven and Anthony silvan in the ranges you quoted for the same thing I got for much less. I can't figure it out either. 40k is a lot of money. Keep trying and good luck!
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    Having grown up in Mississippi, what you experienced has nothing to do with the good ole boy network. It is just a bunch of businesses participating in poor business ethics.
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