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Thread: Underwater Lights for AGPs

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    Underwater Lights for AGPs

    I know I've seen threads about this and apollogize in advance since I know this is probably a repeat, I just couldn't dig them up.

    I'm having a AGP put in, and before I have the electrician come - I wonder if I should be considering my underwater light situation. My husband and I both work fulltime so we're likely to be using the pool at night a lot.

    What are my options for lighting? Do the floating solar LED style lights work well?

    It seems like some of the brands need to be hard wired into the return valve for the pool(?) Is something people typically opt for?
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    Hi katkami

    Just curious- about how much it cost for the electrician to come out and hook up the pool pump, etc? I haven't started this part of the research! I just know that the place we are getting our pool doesn't do that part! One would figure for almost 5k they would! We are also getting the light and polaris package with ours! Can't wait to swim at night!!
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    Hi Laura,

    We had one electrician (that the pool company recommended) come out and give us a $1500 estimate. We thought that was high so we called the guy that the pool installer recommended, and he said about $800, which seemed more reasonable. Plus he's used to working with our pool installer anyway, so we figured he'd be a good choice. So I'd recommend - call around!

    I should probably talk to my pool place about the underwater light, they didn't mention it when we placed our order. I was just wondering if anyone had those solar floaty lights - I'd get worried that they'd be too affected by the surface of the water and bounce around a lot and stuff.
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    Auquacal Aerotemp Heat Pump, Also: Sundance Cameo Spa
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    I bought a light for my AG and it went under the top rail and screwed hand tight in place and top rail covered it.

    Came with it's own cord that you plug in to protected outlet.

    I need a new one though... or can those bulbs be replaced?

    Anyone know?
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    I had a Sta-Rite Sunstar Large Halogen 12 volt 60 watt light - 05103 series - installed into the side of my pool below the water line. The installers cut a circular hole about 4" in diamter. It really looks great at night.

    As far as cost to hook up the pump electrically, there are a lot of variables. I got an estimate to connect my 110 volt pump for the pool and 220 volt motor for my spa for about $1800 to $1900. It involved running wire in the attic across my whole house, mounting disconnects for the spa and and a timer for my pool onto the side of my house, running the spa wire in conduit under my deck, trenching (18" deep) for burying the wire to my pool, installing one outlet for the pool pump motor 5' from the pool, and installing a second outlet for the pool light 10' foot from the pool.

    I also thought that was high. Second and third estimates were higher, up to $2400. I just didn't realize that the costs would be that much. I finally agreed on $1500 with the original electirican and did the trenching myself.
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    installed it ourself

    we have used the aqua illuminator for the last 10 yrs, my hubby installed it right into the return flow outlet on a cheap pool, now we have a better & bigger 27 ft round ag & i think we almost need 2 lights, but it lit a 15 ft ag very well.

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    We have two of the LED light "floaties", and it provides an adequate amount of light for night swimming. Since we have small children, we didn't swim a lot after darkness really set in.

    Without going into a lot of details, adding an underwater light makes your electrical installation more complex, so that feature will add to your electrician's fees. There are specific code requirements that apply when the electrical service to a pool includes power to an underwater light such as conduit run all the way to your service rated panel.

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    I have an 18' round, and an aqualuminator, and it lights up my pool just fine, it also has lens that can be swapped for a change of mood. The red one is so romantic.

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    We are rural so have what used to be a merc vapor light out there, halogen now? don't know what energy efficient thing they replaced it with but anyway, its right next to the pool - we had no other place to install the pool so there it is - it's just like daylight in the evening. Unfortunately, it becomes Junebug Valhalla for about a month and a half each year so thats a drawback.
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