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Thread: Return Fitting is leaking water. Please Help!

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    Return Fitting is leaking water. Please Help!

    So i have a 10K Gallon Above Ground Pool. Here's the situation.

    We just bought our house and it came with this pool. The preivous owners had a pool fitting (shown below with a lightbulb in it) that had a light in it. The problem with this fitting however, was that it didn't contain the 1.5" hole that most automatic pool cleaners seem to refer to in their instructions (ie: Polaris 65, Kreepy Crawly-type pool cleaners) . Needless to say, I chose to take out this fitting and install a more 'standard' fitting.

    Bought a new fitting and brought it home to try and install. When I took the existing fitting off and tried to put the new one on, i had some trouble. Turns out the 'lightbulb' fitting actually required less space to stick through the whole in the pool wall so this new fitting that I was trying to put on needed to be pushed through the hole with some force. I got it through and did notice that some of the plastic material that makes up the threads (part SP-1419-D below) had been shaved off. Screwed it on and filled the pool. Next day I have small beads of water dripping out.. Went back to the store, bought another fitting and repeated the process. I'm still getting a leak though and I've tightened the fitting really tight. I'm at a loss as to how to solve this. And I'm not even sure what to ask you guys on this forum to do or suggest.

    Is there anything you can think of ? Is there a standard way to put the fitting on that I didn't adhere to above ?

    Previous Pool Fitting with Smaller Insert and Lightbulb :

    New Pool Fitting :
    sbelgrave @ Westminster, MD
    Size : 16 x 32 x 4
    Volume : 12,000 Gallons
    Material :Vinyl
    Water Type : Non-Saltwater

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    Welcome to the forum. I'm not an AG pool guy so can offer little help.....other than to say there are some good AG folks on the forum who will be along soon to help.

    One comment......that new fitting (1419) looks identical to an eyeball for an IG pool. If you got it on so it just "drips", you may be able to fashion a rubber gasket to finish sealing it off even tho it might be the completely wrong fitting.
    Dave S.
    42k vinyl and concrete pool, 1.5hp pump, 140gpm filter
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    Sorry, i just grabbed the closest thing I could find on google images. I think this (below) is more like the one I bought (has two plastic gaskets between the male and female parts that join at the pool wall)

    sbelgrave @ Westminster, MD
    Size : 16 x 32 x 4
    Volume : 12,000 Gallons
    Material :Vinyl
    Water Type : Non-Saltwater

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    Cork Gasket


    I should mention this. The fitting is sold with the the following parts in order :

    1. Male End
    2. Rubber Gasket (O shaped)
    3. Cork Gasket (O shaped)
    4. Rubber Gasket (O shaped)
    5. Female End

    I was just talking about this with my coworker who doens't own a pool but is a pretty handy guy and he kinda looked at me funny when i mentioned the Cork Gasket. He feels I should remove the Cork, that it has no purpose. Before I drain the pool all over again to do this, can anyone tell me if the cork portion is necessary, if taking it out is good idea really ?
    sbelgrave @ Westminster, MD
    Size : 16 x 32 x 4
    Volume : 12,000 Gallons
    Material :Vinyl
    Water Type : Non-Saltwater

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    the fitting in the first picture SP-1023 is the correct fitting to use im not sure about the one in the bag
    first sometimes they are a pain to put in we find that once you get them started you can spin them in rather than force it through
    before you do that make sure you have a gasket in front
    but i would use the hayward part listed above

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    I think i may have found the problem. Can anyone verify that this is the likely error in my ways.

    Male End | Rubber Washer | Cork Gasket | < -- inside of pool POOL WALL outside --> | Rubber Washer | Female End

    Male End | Rubber Washer | < -- inside of pool POOL WALL outside --> | Cork Gasket | Rubber Washer | Female End
    This document (page 19, search for 'cork') i found on the web would suggest that the cork gasket does not go on the inside of the pool but on the outside? Your Thoughts experts ? Does this document apply to my situation ?
    sbelgrave @ Westminster, MD
    Size : 16 x 32 x 4
    Volume : 12,000 Gallons
    Material :Vinyl
    Water Type : Non-Saltwater

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