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Thread: DIY Intex / Bestway Filter

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    DIY Intex / Bestway Filter

    I'm starting to make a filter for my pump - Intex / Bestway.

    I got a plastic bottle cut it to the correct size and found two gravy lids made of plastic. Made holes in them

    I have a large enough polyester 25 micron filter coming

    So hopefully all will be well, but i found something from EZCLEANFILTER this person has made a washable filter i think its $40 and postage is separate. they got a video on

    Happy swimming!

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    waiting for testsing

    I have now taken the 25 micron cloth and cut it down to a size where i can fold it round the plastic bottle (the bottle has lots of medium size holes i have made in it).

    Now in next 5-10 days i shall fill the pool up and test it, if it is successful i will then connect up my solar heater the i have made.

    If you are making a solar heater you can ask any questions as i know what i would do if i could start all over again on it.

    Happy swimming!

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    Why no just use a premade polyester filter. They are available for the intex pumps. It sounds like you are making a non pleated filter. That will not be very effective. Pleating increases the surface area of the filter and the bigger the surface area the better your filtration.

    BTW, I just looked at that video on Youtube, it is also a non pleated filter. There are PLEATED washable polyester filters available for about half the price of that one that you just hose off! They are available from the major third party cartridge manufacturers such as Aladdin and Unicel.

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    thanx waterbear, thats very kind of you to help me out there.

    i'll look at these premade polyester filters....

    in england its not quite so forward thinking like your stuff there..

    Happy swimming!

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    Hi ya Waterbear

    i found out for the Intex Easy Set Pool i requite a "UNICEL P/N: C-4607" filter.

    Its $7 on ebay and i'm not sure of the costs to send to England. Going to ask the seller. I'll get 2 at this rate.

    How long are they meant to last if the pool chemistry is good and maintained properly.
    Are we talking years or just weeks more then the usual "Intex Filter A" that lasts only 2 weeks...2 weeks!!! crazy hu

    I just found a 100% polyester "PLEATCO PC7-120" its £12 + £6.50 P&P, we get this in our country and won't cost like £60 to be sent + extra 17.5% tax and then customs duty on top.

    So wot do you think of Pleatco ?

    Happy swimming!

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    Either is fine (I forgot to mention Pleatco in my previous post) and both (all 3) are Remay Polyester so they will last several years before needing replacement. Get 2 so you can clean one and pop the other one right in so the pool has no down time. Use a non adjustable, small bore, short garden hose nozzle (the brass are better than the plastic ones. they cost about $4 US over here) to hose the cart off from top to bottom with the water aimed at a 45 degree downward angle. You will probably have to swap them out and hose them off weekly. About every month or two soak the one you took out for cleaning overnight after hosing it off. Use a bucket big enough to completely submerge the cart and (sorry these measurements are going to be will need to convert to imperial or metric) for every 5 gallons of water add 1 cup of either trisodium phosphate (the real stuff and not a trisodium phosphate substitute! The actual chemical needs to be TSP!) or 1 cup of automatic dishwasher detergent powder. (Don't know the brands over there but in the US two big names are Cascade and Electrosol, I think you have Electrosol over there also) and soak overnight. Hose off the next day.
    If you do this the carts should last at least 3 years to as long as 7 years!

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    Holey Moley thats a long life span..... geez

    I like the conversion talk haha....

    Yeah that was my idea too to degrease the filter...

    For now i have got one of the filters and in time i'll get another....(I have yet to use the original Intex filter).

    And thank you again Waterbear for all your ideas and input, i really appreciate it.

    Happy swimming!

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    No problem! You can actually find these filter cleaning instruciions of the Pleatco website (at least the US one) and on the unicel website. The type of garden hose nozzle I learned thry trying MANY different type of nozzles and cart cleaning wands to see what actually works and the cheap, brass $4 nozzle I described above actually does a better job than some of the very expensive speciality cartridge cleaning wands that I have or have sold!!!!!

    If you have the pool up and running get that original intext filter in there, you don't want to be running the pool without the filter in the pump. It's undersized enough as it is!!!!! don't give it more work to do that it might not be able to handle!

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    Thanx for that great advice, the brass nozzle actually is much more effective.

    I can't tell you how excited i am about a proper, easy to clean filter, where i will not have to buy and buy a new filter every 2 weeks .. haha.

    I'll put a filter in the pump as soon as i refill the pool back up.

    I'm proper happy right now!
    Happy swimming!

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    Apr 2008
    clinton ms

    give update on poly filter please

    have you had a chance to try new poly fiber filter on your intex pool yet? curious.. i also made a filter last year after the intex cartridge filter A wasn't performing well.. got a 1 gallon plastic jug and punch holes in the bottom.. filled with pillow stuffing? guess that was polyfiber?? anyway.. took out intex filter and just attached the jug with duck tape to the out spout.. took over night, but almost all clear next day! it was a bit ugly but did the job. think this unicel poly reemay filter might be the better way to go however.. thanks for info!!

    15foot intex pool metal frame with model filter 637 (800 gph)
    own intex 15' above ground metal frame pool
    cartridge filter pump model 637 800gph

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    Polyester & Pleatco & solar heater

    No problems

    i have been working slowly bit by bit on my solar heater when i get a chance here and there........

    when i get that all sorted... i will use the polyester filter i made and the 100% polyester one from Pleatco and see how they are...

    good to know that you have tried it and it came out well...

    I'll keep you all posted on the filters and the solar heater too...

    Happy swimming!

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