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Thread: Solar cover on all the time

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    Solar cover on all the time

    I read it on this forum and have looked for it again; still can’t find it.

    Someone mentioned that you shouldn’t leave a solar cover on all the time and why.
    It seemed to have to do with the pool chemistry and what it did to it. I looked at it and then wanted to read it again; since I have forgotten why.

    Living in Central New York, most summer nights are cool and the days are warm, I leave my cover on as long as no one is swimming and always put it back on at dusk.

    Could who ever posted that please repost it and explain why again?

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    The pool needs time to breathe now and then. There are various reactions that take place at the surface. For example some chlorine breakdown products that you don't want accumulating will evaporate when the pool is uncovered. It is also nice to let the water get at least a little sunlight to help break down any CC that might form. You only need a little open time, an average of one hour a day is plenty, less than that in most situations.
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    I leave my solar cover on all week and remove on weekends. I have seen no issues so far.

    The cover is too big to be taken off and on every day. Is it better to partialy pull back the cover and leave approx 1/3 of the pool uncovered for a couple of hours a day? (deep end I suppose?)
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    Intex solar cove

    My Intex solar cover has deliberate breath holes. It says its a United Kingdom law on the packaging.

    At first i was like what the .... then i read the package. It says its in case some one falls into the pool and these breath holes let them live longer

    The holes are arranged in a circle. the circle is about 30cm - 40 cm in diameter. these holes which you can easily forget are there, are about 1.5cm in diameter.

    So lots of circulation from the filter pump i hope those gases will just get lost though the holes.

    The difference in temperature with the solar cover was not great but it i was able to tell the difference in temperature from when it wasnt on and when it was on, also the sun was not that sunny so it will get warmer.

    Happy swimming!

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    I left mine on as long as no one was in the pool. My one bad experience, which is not definitively traced back to the cover, was a slimy liner. My PB advised that I leave it off during hot spells. I did not listen and the vinyl got slimy. Probably the beginning of an algae bloom easily handled with some shock and scrubbing. This was the only issue I had all summer long and I live in NY as well.

    My understanding of how chlorine works, which is very limited, is that in one way, chlorine will break contaminates down through oxidation. Being this said and to JasonLion's post, the pool probably should breathe once in a while.

    This year I will follow this rule.
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    My cover is on virtually any time we are not in the pool. During warm days, we are in every day but otherwise, its on. We don't have any issues.
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    Great question and great answers.
    My new pool has been covered most of the week and I uncover during the weekends.
    As I get closer to swimming time I'm sure the cover will be off all the time.

    I have been told that the cover reduces evaporation which is very important here in Arizona with a humidity level of 5 to 10%. Water evaporates quickly here. LOL

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