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Thread: Brush pole stuck

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    Brush pole stuck

    Any idea how to get the darn thing to move? It is stuck in the shortest postion and I am killing myself trying to clean the deep end. I have tried moving it when it is completely dry, completely wet, banged it up against stuff to "loosen" it - it is not budging. My husband has also tried and can not get it to move. I thought about spraying WD40 on it but worried about the oil getting in the pool. Any other suggestions or do I need to go buy another one? Thanks!

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    Hot water, but not quite boiling poured over it. Next option is a strap wrench.
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    If you decide to lube it up, you could always use tanning oil. Hot water should do the trick though.
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    WD40 should work fine, just wipe it all off after you get the thing apart.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kirbinster
    WD40 should work fine, just wipe it all off after you get the thing apart.
    The only trouble with WD40 is that it's petroleum based and can weaken the rubber piece in the locking mechanism If you want to spray something in there, try silicon spray lubricant.

    Once you manage to free it, put a couple wraps of teflon tape on the threads to keep the plastic from bonding again.
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    Re: Brush pole stuck

    [I know this is super old, but in case anybody else has this problem and ends up here...]

    I had the same issue. I guess I must have torqued it too much one day, because the next day it was stuck tight. I tried everything (wetting, banging, heating, WD40, strap wrenches, etc.). I could not get it to budge even with me grabbing one end and a friend twisting the other. I was about ready to throw it out and buy a new one.

    But then I got the idea to stick a screwdriver through one of the holes on the "tool end" to give me decent leverage, and I drilled a similar (1/4") hole through the "handle end" so I could stick a screwdriver through there too. Then I wedged one end (with screwdriver) between a couple sturdy rocks to keep it from turning, and manually twisted the other end, using the screwdriver for leverage. You could use any sturdy rod instead of the screwdrivers, and if you can't find a place to wedge one end, just get a friend to help out.

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