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Thread: DE filter

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    DE filter

    does anyone know the average life expectancy of a hayward de filter grid? i have a 10 yr old hayward 3600 de filter that's maintained very well, all o-rings replaced on a regular basis, but i still get de in the pool. (it started 2 season ago, i'm in ny). all the filter grids are original & in very good condition, no holes, tear, etc. any ideas?

    18' round x 52" vinyl AGP holding aprox. 7633 gallons of crystal clear sparkling water, most of the time. Hayward 180 sand filter, 1 hp pump and 2-2x20 Fafco panels is parallel.

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    Binrocha, welcome to TFP!

    Properly taken care of, the grids can easily last well over 10 years. However, they can also fail long before that - the usual places are at the bottom, especially where they sit on the bottom plate. The other usual suspect place is on the inside side, where the plastic 'skeleton' will rub a hole in the fabric. But you say that there are no holes in the fabric, I'll assume that you took the whole assembly apart and inspected every square inch of the grids. The other ways that de can be entering the pool is the o-ring, which you say is new and I'll assume not pinched, or a crack in the top manifold, or one of the tabs that fit into the manifold is broken, or the air relief stem on top has a hole or the clamp is gone or... the manifold assembly isn't fully tightened down. (A little long winded, but that covers about everything )

    The other option is that the De is only entering the pool when you recharge the filter in which case the spider gasket (or wagon wheel) in the multiport is bad or perhaps there is a broken channel in the multiport.

    If you take it apart and check everything I mentioned again, let me know what you find, remember a very small hole can allow the De to bypass the filter
    Luv& Luk

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