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Thread: Polaris 280 Parts

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    Polaris 280 Parts

    Hello everyone
    I need to replace the wall fitting for my Polaris 280 and was wondering if there is a tool out to remove the fitting when I close my pool. I have a heck of a time when I try to remove it at the end of the year. Last year I really damaged it when I took it out. Searched and could not find any removel tool. Does anyone know of such a tool and where it can be purchased?
    Also along the same lines, when I searched for the UWF it shows the fitting alone and it also shows a restriction kit.
    What does the restriction kit do and is it a good thing? I don't believe I have one installed, looking at the parts picture, but I'm kind of new to all this and really don't know. Anyway I sure could use some help.
    Beach Bob

    There is no such thing as a dumb question.

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    If you mean the actual fitting that screw in that the quick connect attaches to there really is no need to remove it unless you want to reinstall the original eyeball. Then again, Polaris makes a quick connect eyeball that attaches to the wall fitting in the same way as the cleaner quick connect. I have one and they are great when you don't want to leave the cleaner connected and you have water flow from the fitting even with the booster off (My pool has water flow whenever the water features are on.)

    The 'restriction kit' is the complete wall fitting assembly with the red and blue disks. (The actual UWF is also available separately without the disks, pressure relief valve, and wall fitting) These are just plastic disks that have a hole in the center to restrict the flow of water much like a water restricter you might put into a showerhead. They have different sized holes in them for different amounts of water restriction. Whether you need one of these restricter disks despends on whether you can get your wheel RPM in the proper range without it or notl If your wheel RPMs are correct then you either have the right one installed already or you don't need one.

    I have never seen a removal tool for the polaris wall fittings and I do not believe the Hayward eyeball removal tool will work. I will double check the polaris part list at work and if I can find any more info I will post it for you.

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    You stated: "If you mean the actual fitting that screw in that the quick connect attaches to there really is no need to remove it". That is just what I am talking about but in order to plug that hole at closing I need it removed. Is there another way to plug the hole or am I missing something?

    I understand what you said about the restricter. I checked my wheel rotation last year and it is fine so I guess I din't have to worry about that
    Thanks for the quick response.
    Beach Bob

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