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Thread: algaeshield??

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    Saw this in the back of a pool mag. Anybody know what it is.

    the last thing is ordered out of the back of a magazine was those x-ray glasses.
    Man, was i bummed out.
    Cal C.

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    I noticed it said this:
    Guarantee void if flocculants or metal-out products were used or if high phosphate levels are present.
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    I noticed it was $36.95 plus shipping, for enought to treat my pool once. They want you to treat your pool once-a-month.

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    Not to sound like a smart***** but there's already a natural "algae shield" available.... it's called chlorine Why pay $36.95 a bottle when Leslies is currently having a chlorine sale of $2.99 per jug.
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    I bet it's copper says not to use it with metal seqesterants or biguanide or Pristine Blue....sequesterants would deactivate it, copper is not compatible with biguanide, and Pristine Blue IS copper sulfate. Also the dosing of 1 oz per 1000 gallons is consistent with copper based algaecides as is the monthly dosing (although a lot of them claim they only need to be dosed every three months for a preventative and the dosing of double that to kill an existing algae bloom and the claim that is will KILL algae. (Copper is the only algaecide that actually will KILL algae and not just inhibit it's growth.)

    I will bet my money that this is just a chelated copper sulfate algaecide and you can buy a number of good ones in any pool supply store for about $10-$12 less per quart.
    Also, Earth Science Laboratories IS the manufacturer of Pristine Blue, A chelated copper 'sanitizer' so it would be easy for them to put it in a different bottle and sell it as the algaecide it REALLY is and try and expand their market!
    (Guess we've done a good job at getting the word out about how copper is NOT a primary sanitizer so they need to market their product a bit more truthfully now!)

    Those X-ray glasses sound a lot better now, don't they?

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