Since it is snowing hard outside and I’m retired and the forum is slow; I’ll sit here and just type a little.
In my section of the world there are 12 houses with 4 inground (the old rectangle type with sidewalk around it) and 3 aboveground pools.
Since I know all the people I can wonder from pool to pool in the summer time when I see them out working on their pools and talk. Since I have joined this forum to learn; I have thought about my pool and the neighbors’ pools and I see where I and all the neighbors have fallen into a clean/cheap pool way of doing things. What we do is test for chlorine, ph, stabilizer and clean. If the chlorine and ph are good, the stabilizer must be good; you can see the bottom clearly; all is well. If not, (a dirty rain always lowers the ph around here) you test, see what you need (shock cures all type of things) and head down to Wal-Mart to buy what you need. We have all gone the “pool store” route and walked out with a couple of hundred dollars worth of chemicals. I have found this past summer that all of the neighbors are doing the same thing. None of us have even heard of a salt system for chlorine or even seen one. I have only seen pictures on the computer and until I joined this forum, I knew absolutely nothing about them. (I still don’t know much)
This area of the New York, we open the pools mid-late May and close them in late August to early September. The water doesn’t hit 80 deg until mid-late June (for the inground pools). None of us have heaters although we have gas on the street. (my home is total electric)
So, since joining this forum, (and seen some beautiful pool; please keep posting pictures) I have decided to buy a different pump and a larger filter. All piping inside the pump house will be 2 inch and I have thoughts of maybe adding solar heaters. (back of pool faces S/SW)
So I am done wandering now but to new people that have joined this forum and wonder why their questions don’t get answered real fast but see that there are hits of people reading their post; a lot of us (me) that are reading your questions are just learning too. I (We) keep returning to your post to see what the answers are because someday that might be a question I (we) have. (sorry, but I can’t answer or talk about a SWG system, like I said, I’ve never seen one)

Spring is coming......