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Thread: Moments that make you go 'Doh!'

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    Moments that make you go 'Doh!'

    Ever have one of those moments where you just go 'doh'...what the #%*@ was I thinking...then you can only laugh about it...lets hear about it, maybe it'll help some new pool owners out and make us all laugh

    I'll the last few weeks I've had just a ton of dust/dirt in the pool, well, not that bad but I couldn't sweep it away, the Polaris wasn't getting just kept coming back and back...all of the sudden I was thinking, when was the last time I backwashed the had been a couple of months Needless to say, after a nice through backwash, a couple of sweeping movements and the bottom is spotless again. I figured there weren't that many people that would find humor in that so I turn it over to you all...I know we've all had those moments...

    I'll give you another one (because I'm so good at it)...We were into the house about three months, I figured I was doing pretty good, all of my testing was fine, water was looking great, and I did the DE backwash...put the DE in the skimmer then about 45 minutes later it sounded like my pump was trying to kill someone, of course as a new pool owner I shut everything down and called a local repair company (good guys, always treated me fair)...he came right out, walked to the back and started laughing...all the DE had clumped up in the pump skimmer basket...taught me to put the DE in a little slower

    Now it's your turn!
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    Hay uimage I am getting real close to 60 now. I seem to have the 'doh's" most of the day. I am not real positive about this because i am forgetting what is going on anyway. As far as I can remember it will get better the next ten years.
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    Not that I've done it (though came close a couple of times ) when cleaning a pool, you really don't want to vacuum to backwash, it puts all the dirt/ etc. in the wrong place (especially with a DE filter )
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    It appears this "DOH!" is being addressed in another thread, but don't forget to look before sticking your hand in the skimmer. I've almost come to the conclusion that I need to put on "Depends" before I clean out the skimmers at night
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    Quote Originally Posted by ktdave
    It appears this "DOH!" is being addressed in another thread, but don't forget to look before sticking your hand in the skimmer. I've almost come to the conclusion that I need to put on "Depends" before I clean out the skimmers at night

    i have a good solution to that, i yell at my son, CLEAN OUT THE SKIMMERS OR I TAKE YOUR CAR FOR A WEEK, or if its his brother, CLEAN OUT THE SKIMMER OR NO ALLOWENCE FOR A WEEK.

    both get right to it and the older one fell in the pool once when a frog jumped out at him, was funny he opened the lit, bending down, and it jumped at his face, he jumped up and fell in, I had to be picked up off the ground i was laughing so hard, that was one of those, i wish i had a video camera , moments

    ok my doh moment. thinking that putting the valve on "close" meant i was blocking the returns and sending the water towards the blue pipe, then when i walked out 5 minuites later with the plastic top blown off the filter, i figured that was wrong. nedless to say that was an expensive DOH moment.

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    Last Spring; opening the pool late. Got the cover off and had a beautiful green pool. I put the filter on waste. Started the pump on bottom drain and got good vacuum. Switched on the first skimmer and lost vacuum. Started over and got vacuum on the bottom drain and switch in the other skimmer; lost vacuum. The only thought in my head was; the gizmos are right hear on the shelve. Checked both unions and found them tight. ****. Sat down on the diving board looking at a swamp and finished a glass of ice tea. Then it dawned on me....... I had forgotten to take the skimmer face blocks off. DUH

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