Hi All,
I've been looking at this device for years and hesitated buying it.

I have a black locust tree near my pool which is absolutely beautiful BUT it is the messiest **** thing ever. Little tiny brown leaves everywhere. It just so happens the one area of my pool is kind of a dead zone. Leaves just collect on the surface and sit there. After a while they get waterlogged and fall to the bottom. Tired of the maintenance I figured I'll drop the $100 and see if this thing works. It arrived quickly and took about 15 minutes to install.

I LOVE this thing! It has amazing suction and collects everything that was in the dead area. A true godsend and well worth the $100. I just wish I would have thought of it

This is one of those products that just plain works. Its not too obtrusive either and easily removable if necessary. My Blue Diamond gets along with it too.