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Thread: Here are my Numbers, would like advice???

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    Here are my Numbers, would like advice???

    Waterbear, after talking to my wife, she did add some pucks to the skimmer, now I know why my CYA is over 100, I want to throw them out, but I have a half of a bucket full.

    CYA 100+
    FC 6
    TC 6
    CC 0
    PH 7.4
    TA 100
    CH 750

    SAT Index .1+

    IMO the only thing im concerned with is the high CYA and the high CH, if I drain and refill some water should take care of it, and I did add 1/2 gallon of bleach 6% so that should bring up my FC in reference to the Chroline/CYA chart by Chem geek

    any other advice?????
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    With a CYA level of 100+ I would raise your FC level to at least 8 and preferably 10 or even 12.

    High CYA levels cause various annoyances, such as the high FC you need to maintain. Plus it is very difficult to know how high it really is, as most of the tests read levels high than 100 as 100. Getting the CYA down is much more important than dealing with the CH level, which you do want to bring down but which is unlikely to cause any immediate problems.
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    instead of starting a new topic you should have continued with your old one since much of the previous info is pertinent to this one and is now missing. there is no way that I know of for the mods to join two topics or I would do so.

    As to your high CYA the only way to get it down is by a partial drain and refill. Depending on the CH hardness of your fill water this might or might not help with lowering your calcium levels. I would work on lowering the TA since the calcium is so high if you are using a non stabilized chlorine source such as bleach. I would shoot for around 50-80 ppm. This will also help with your acid consumption since your pH will not rise as fast. Also, keep your pH at 7.6 and add acid when it hits 7.8 but only lower it ot 7.6. This will also lower your acid consumption and help keep your pH more stable. pH will rise faster the more you lower pH because CO2 will outgas faster.

    Keep the pucks but DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE SKIMMER! This can cause damage to pump seals and other components since the pucks are very acidic and when they sit in the water in the skimmer with the pump off this water becomes very acidic. When the pump then comes back on it's about the same as pouring acid into your skimmer! If you have a cartridge filter this very acidic water can also ruin the cartridge!

    Once you get your CYA in the proper range the puck can come in useful if the level starts to drop too low and you need to bump it up a bit or if you are going on vacation and want to make sure that there is chlorine in the water and your
    CYA is not too high. do't put them in the skimmer, however. Get a floater if you don't have an inline feeder.

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