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Thread: algae has us stumped in Hawaii

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    algae has us stumped in Hawaii

    My 35,000 gallon in-ground pool has been perfect for years, and
    now it has algae and we can't get it under control!! It's been 3 weeks!!
    Chlorine is 3
    PH is 7.8
    TA is 120

    We have super-chlorinated many times, run the pump all night,
    cleaned the filter (cannister type) over and over and over. Finally drained some water
    and refilled. Still no help!! Any ideas? This pool was perfect for YEARS and nothing changed. I live in a remote area and we have to maitain our own poolls out here. No pool service.
    Thanks fro M Hawaii

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    Others will probably be along soon who know more about pool chemistry than I do, but this should get you started.

    Also, a very important number for us to know is your CYA (stands for Cyanuric Acid) level. We would prefer that your numbers come from a good drop-based testing kit such as the Taylor K-2006 test kit ... KitID=2230 or the TF test kit but a reading from a pool store would be better than nothing. Readings from test strips are basically untrustworthy.

    What have you used for the last several years to chemically treat your pool?

    24,000 gallon inground freeform pool/spa circa 1983 (113 ft perimeter, 625 sq ft) with 350 gallon attached spill-over spa
    2007 2 HP, three-phase Hayward TriStar pump which is powered by an Ikeric VS-200 variable speed drive system
    1983 Laars XE Pool/Spa Heater Type ES 400,000 BTU, 1998 Hayward Super Star-Clear C-4000 cartridge filter (400 sq ft, 4 separate cartridges)
    1998 Polaris 380 pressure-side cleaner w/ 3/4 HP booster pump
    One skimmer :( and one PoolSkim :), One Supervision Galaxy LED pool lamp, Second story solar panels
    Hayward/GoldLine AquaLogic PS4 (replaced 1983 vintage dual circuit Intermatic timer)

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    First, welcome to the forum. You'll get lot's of good advice.

    Secondly, regardles of how complex the advice gets, the answer for your green pool is chlorine. You have either been not using enough or replenishing it as frequently as you should (or both) so the algae continues to live.....chlorine, applied correctly, will kill it and keep it from reoccuring.

    How much chlorine to put in your pool will be dependant upon your CYA level. Do you have the ability to test for that? If so, post up that result and we'll get a plan together to get your pool clear
    Dave S.
    42k vinyl and concrete pool, 1.5hp pump, 140gpm filter
    TFTestkits , PoolMath , Pool School

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    Also... what type of chlorine are you using to shock? Liquid.... powder.... Brand?

    20 X 40 foot vinyl Borates and Salt Pool
    Rolachem Chlorine Feeder
    Hayward 27 inch sand filter with 80 lbs of pea gravel
    Jacuzzi Splash Pak SP55 DE filter in parallel
    Pentair VF3050 pump

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