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Thread: Solar Sun Rings

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    Solar Sun Rings


    Do the Solar Sun Rings work well?

    I used to have a solar blanket (bubble type) that worked very well on my old pool, but my new pool has a kidney shape pool which makes it very hard to put a conver on it, so I am looking at the Solar Sun Rings but was curious if the "triangles" in between the rings don't make them very effective?

    Any one using these guys and do they work well?

    Here is the linky to the units


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    These rings sure seem to be easy to take out, clean & put back. We had a regular sun cover last year. Huge... no way was I able to remove it by myself manually.
    Why would't regular bubble wrap work as well?
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    The rings are not nearly as effective as the regular solar cover, which, being solid, help prevent evaporative heat loss. (technical term!!)

    Check out how member AnnaK solved the problem of a cumbersome solar cover...

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    Neat idea - thanks for the link.

    I have owned solar blankets in the past and from memory, they don't glide well one against the other. I had a pool with 2 sections (1 large, 1 small) of solar blankets and when I tried to "glide" one on top of the other, the one in the pool would move.

    If I did not glide them (one on top of the other), then it left a gap in between the panels.

    I need to ask her how she glides them so easily? Any knonws?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heikejohn
    Why would't regular bubble wrap work as well?
    I think that the thinkness of the regular bubble wrap are too thin. The bubbles which need to be on the botton side would tear in a short time.

    The blue pool solar blanks are made of much thicker material.

    I agree that moving a 40x20 pool blanket is a pain and I never could do it by myself either. This is why those solar rings sounded so attractive to me.

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    You may want to give these 2 reviews a read. I too had been looking at the rings as an alternative to a solar cover but was worried about them blowing away in the stiffer winds we receive here.

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    I've had both the blue bubble wrap style pool cover and solar sun rings. The blue cover worked better, but it was only good for 1 season before it disintegrated due to UV exposure. My solar sun rings are going into their 3rd year. They are a pain in a different way than the bubble cover. They are a hassle to get inflated propoerly and if they aren't, they don't lay flat. Individually they are easy enough to handle, but storing them is a pain. They cannot be stacked in the sunshine or they will melt and fuse together. I don't have enough of them to get the kind of coverage I used to get with the bubble cover, but I do notice a difference. For kids and pets, they are MUCH safer then the bubble cover. In the end, I spent less on my solar panel set-up than I did on the sun-rings and it make a much bigger differnce than the sun-rings do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe123
    Neat idea - thanks for the link.
    I need to ask her how she glides them so easily? Any knows?

    Hi Joe,

    I've had no problem at all getting the individual sections on the water. The two end pieces are the largest and go on first. That leaves three middle pieces. Two are easy because there's plenty of space. Before I put the third one on I mush one of its neighbors over a little, which sort of crumples it. Then I smoosh it back down with the pole after the last piece has been floated.

    Yeah, I know: a really technical explanation of work flow, but it works.


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