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Thread: relocating pool light in gunite pool

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    relocating pool light in gunite pool

    Well I filled my new pool over the weekend, and I'm not happy with the placement of the pool light. The guy that did the layout suggested putting it at the steps, and I thought it would be better at the end of the pool but did not say anything because I thought he knew best. I have a rectangular shape pool and the steps are in the middle of one of the long sides. Now I have a very bright bottom step right below the light, and light only in the middle of the pool. I have a JandyColors light which looks great but I can't get over the bad placement of it. It really belongs at the end, so the light is cast down the pool longwise, and not adjacent to a step or the floor.
    Anyone ever perform light-relocation surgery on a gunite pool? I'm assuming it would entail draining the pool, cutting a new hole for the light, and running the conduit under my travertine pavers. Then fill the hole where the existing light is and new pebblefina over the hole. Any comments or suggestions?
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    Welcome to the forum!

    Yeah, that's gonna' be a MAJOR fix, but others may come along with a good idea so don't give up yet. In addition to what you described, a bonding wire and wiring back to the box will have to be done. I understand how frustrating that may be.......just what the lighting will look like is always up for grabs 'til you turn it on.

    If you decide to bite the bullet, you may consider two smaller lights at each end. It may not be much more and give a much better look to the pool.
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    I think the one light will be adequate, the pool is only 13x21. Anybody considering going with the colored light, its well worth the money, can't believe how awesome the water looks at night. I like the Jandy light because it has ten colors.
    I have a guy coming out friday to give me an estimate, we'll see what he has to say.
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    You may want to consider just adding a light at the end. Keep the current one. That way there is no hole to fill. Put the two lights on separate switches.
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    That's a big job, I agree with the others to leave the current light in place. Depending on what color FIna you choose, it may be difficult to match the color exactly and you may always notice the patch there. You'll likely need to patch around the new light as well, surgery by jackhammer usually is not that delicate. I'd imagine that they would pass clear through the shell to accommodate for the depth of the light housing.

    How about a picture?
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    Not sure of your pool layout but my PB recommended placing the pool lights strategically so as not to shine towards the house.

    We have 2 lights on one of the long sides of the pool projecting away from the house....very nice
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    You might be able to find a contractor (not necessarily a pool builder) that can core drill the concrete shell. This will leave a very nice round cylindrical hole in the shell which means you will not need to patch. From what I have seen the hole can be drilled in less than one hour (minus setup time). The pool will have to be drained.
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    Have you seen this core drilling done through the rebar? also, do you think the niche would have to be set in concrete from the backside?
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    The right kind of core drill will drill through anything short of diamond. One of the risks is that one of the pebbles around the edge could get knocked out by the drilling process (instead of getting cut in half).

    You are going to need access to the back side no mater how you do it, so adding concrete from the back is not a problem if you want to go that way. I would use the core drill only an inch or two deep to give a nice clean edge to work to and then chip it out to that line.

    However it is done it is going to take skill and artistry to make it look exactly right. You run a risk of a less skilled worker leaving an obvious plaster mismatch around the fixture.
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