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Thread: still can't order testing kit

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    still can't order testing kit

    I am able to log in now, but still not able order the test kit. Its strange because even though i am already logged in when I add the kit to my cart, when I go to checkout it wants me to log in again. This is where my login is failing. My pool was just completed two weeks ago today and I am really going to need help with my water chemisty. I know nothing about this. My pool builder really didn't want this job because its so far but he took it anyway. He did a good job, he just hates coming out here. he has been here to my house as little as possible during the construction. The last I saw him he really didn't explain anything to me. He only told us to lower the chlorine feeder eventually. He started it on 5. He left me some test strips too, but I don't know what to do with them after i dip it into the water, All I can do is compare the colors of the strip to the back of the bottle. Everything has been off the charts so far to where I can't even tell whether anything is high or low. Fianlly just as of yesterday I can see that the total alkaline is just about within range, still a little low according to the chart. The stablizer looks to be about right. The free chlorine is still maxed out even though I completely turned the feeder all the off two days ago. The ph, I really just can't tell at this point because the color of the test strip just does not match any of the colors on the back of the bottle. I need help. The water is crystal clear. I think that I've finally brushed all of the diamond brite top layer of plaster off. I have been backwashing 3-4 times a day. My pool is a 17,000 gallon gunite.
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    I'm sure Dave will be along soon to help you out with the ordering soon.

    The pH test fools a lot of people at first. You are really comparing the amount of "redness" or "yellowness" in the sample. Yellow is low pH, bright fuscia is high pH, plain old red is in the middle. Two tips: Look at the samples in front of a white sheet of paper in sunlight, and if you have trouble, an extra drop or two of reagent will darken the color without really changing the shade to make it easier to tell.
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    Teppy, I'll repeat this here just in case anyone reads this post without seeing my response in the other.

    The account and websites for TFP and TF-test kits are entirely seperate. While Dave and I have a mutually beneficial arrangement, we are two totally seperate entities. I think he makes the best residential test kits and am happy to recommend them here on the site. Dave enjoys the forum and the unbiased information we provide and gives a discount for TFP supporters. It's a win/win/win.
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    Check out your other post in the "Introduce Yourself" forum.
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