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Thread: To close or not to close.....????

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    To close or not to close.....????

    Converted late this summer to chlorine from the 'B' stuff. Pool is clearer and more blue than it has been all year. We live in the Middle TN area and would like a recommendation on whether it will be safe to leave it open and run the pump on low this winter. We normally pay to have it closed and opened but I think even with running the pump we will save $$ or at least break even. If we leave it open what should the maintenance schedule be? The sand is to be changed. Should we do this now or wait until Spring?

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    First, let me welcome you to TFP!! You will find that this site advocates less expensive (and better) ways of caring for your pool than you're likely to receive from most pool stores.

    Whether you close the pool fully or not really depends on how cold it will be over the winter. You can get by very well not closing the pool and cutting the pump run time down to a few hours a day if your weather only gets to freezing a few nights a year - the pump has to be running when the temps are below 30 - 32 deg to keep things from freezing up! If your system has an automatic 'freeze protection' option, you're all set, if not you HAVE to remember to run the pump when freezing temps are expected.

    If you leave it open, you'll find that the amount of chlorine you use is less than in the swim season (this is because algae and other nasties don't propagate well at the lower water temps and chlorine does a better job cleansing colder water). Other than a bi-weekly test for cc and the other parameters, maintenance should be minimal - of course scoop or vac out any leaves/ debris that ends up in the pool.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving and close or don't close your pool as you see fit (If you decide to close it, we can tell you how to do it without having the pool co. come out to do it )
    Luv& Luk

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Just to clarify, are you replacing the sand because you converted from baquacil? If so, I think it's best to replace it now just to get rid of the goop in the filter.
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    I live in middle TN myself. This is our second winter with the pool and we did not close last winter and are not planning to this winter either. I check the chlorine once a week or every couple of weeks during the winter and add chlorine sporadically. Right now I have been adding bleach once a week and it seems to hold chlorine quite well. Once it gets into December/January you probably don't need to worry too much about chlorine at all. All you need to worry about are freezing pipes. I do not have a freeze timer, but may get one next winter. I just keep an eye on the weather and when it looks like temps are going to be freezing we run the pump. Otherwise the pump stays off. I might run it for a few hours here and there to try and turn the water a bit, but I don't follow any pre-determined pump run time once water temps get down. I believe it costs less for me to keep it open than to close, it's probably pretty close though. I just would prefer to look at the pool water instead of the cover. Although next year I may have to get a leaf net to put over the pool as the leaves are falling. We have tons of trees and have been constantly scooping leaves out. However, just about all the leaves are down now. Good luck!

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    We do pretty much like Riles, except, we just cover the equipment w/heavy blanket & tarp to keep the C O L D out and keep it covered until we decide to turn over the water & test or vac.! We scoop leaves, etc. and last winter we had to vac once. Like Riles, we like looking at our pool! Good luck!

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