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Thread: New Pool, New Member, TF-100 numbers

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    New Pool, New Member, TF-100 numbers

    OK, I will be closing my pool(hopefully this weekend), and trying to get up to shock level, but after two attempts and my chlroine disappearing, figured better get to testing!!! Anyway, the TF-100 kit is easy to use, and very nice. Here are my numbers and my thoughts. I had NO CYA, so added 6lbs of Cyanuric Acid 24 hours ago, and just retested.

    FC - 6
    CC - 1
    TC - 7
    PH - 7.4ish...
    TA - 50
    CH - 160
    CYA - 20
    Temp 65
    Salt - 4000+

    I am just trying to get the water "decent" for closing. I think I am getting close. I think I should add more CYA yet this year. All of the current chlorine is from SuperBoost mode on my Autopilot SWG Dig-60. I believe I had it calibrated wrong, as it kept telling me to add salt, and being a dummy and not testing, I did. I think that number will come down next year, as I will be draining some here soon to close for the winter. Any thoughts on adjusting any other numbers before closing, or should I not be concerned about any others at this point. The water is currently cloudy.

    Thanks, Chuck
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    Hi Chuck,
    I just want to thank you for the "ish" because that is how my pH level always reads. So glad that I am not the only one!

    p.s. I also find an "ish" on my CYA reading. , but my water is 'beautiful' w/BBB!

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    Hi, Chuck,

    I suggest you put more chlorine in your pool by using Clorox (for now) and not the SWG. YOur CC of 1 indicates the need to bring your FC to shock level (about 15+) and get the cloudiness from your water. It may require repeated doses of Clorox but keep it up there until you water turns clear again.....of course, run the pump 24/7 during this process.

    Because the season is drawing to a close, I see no reason to increase your CYA. I'd leave it alone (your FC usage will drop dramatically when you get rid of the CC's thru shocking) 'til spring.

    EDIT: Additionally, if you drain and refill over the winter to reduce your salt, you'll lose a portion of the CYA anyway.

    Your other numbers are fine for closing.....I think you'd do a better job closing with clear water if you used Clorox to shock and dialed down your SWG.

    Thank you for complimenting the Test Kit.
    Dave S.
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    Also, regarding your CYA, you said you added it and tested 24 hours later... CYA can take up to a week to dissolve, perhaps longer in cooler water.
    Some folks have their CYA disappear over the winter anyway, so as Duraleigh said, skip adding more until spring!

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