30' Rockwood Semi-inground Pool Build


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Mar 27, 2021
New member here, also my first post. June 2020 the wife and I decided to sell the boat and put a pool in the backyard. When our kids were younger we had a Kodiac soft wall pool with a metal frame around the top, so I knew some about pool maintenance. The new pool is a 30' Rockwood semi-inground (Latham pools) with 52" walls. What a project it has been, it has been the wife and I working on it except I did hire out the concrete patio pour (I formed and installed rebar)and a friend did the final electrical tie-in. So we did the excavation, pump house, plumbing, vinyl liner install, retaining wall. Currently, I'm cutting granite pavers down 4.5" x 10" (Pavers were free) to be installed around the perimeter of the pool (I did not want concrete up to the plastic pool coping in case I need to replace some coping). After the pavers around the pool are complete then I will install the cable fencing around the pool deck then back granite and do a dry stack install on the retaining wall. Here are some photos of the build so far. Pool 2.jpegPool 3.jpegPool 4.jpegPool 5.JPGPool 6.jpeg
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