2nd Year with pool, time for changes / upgrades

Apr 4, 2016
Lakeland, TN
So last year, thanks to TFP, was definitely a learning experience. Luckily my brother in law lives in our neighborhood and has a pool, so he was also a good source for info.

I have a roughly 35k gallon in ground pebbletec pool. I has a cartridge filter and Polaris pump. I purchased a Polaris 9550 last summer and plan on sticking with robots, so no need for the extra pump. In addition, there is an air leak somewhere, so when I turn on the pool pump, huge bubbles come from the jet for the cleaner and after a few minutes, they turn into little bubbles, but continue while the pump is running. I've replaced the o-rings on pump and filter and replaced the air release valve on filter. The pump keeps prime, so I'm convinced that the polaris pump is the culprit.

Also, I like the clarity of the filter cartridges, but hate the cleaning and cost of new ones. So I'd like to replace with a sand filter. A local pool guy mentioned that Zeosand has the clarity close to a cartridge.

So in summary, how does the community feel about:

1) Removing booster pump from the piping and sealing any leak?
2) Switching to a sand filter with Zeosand?

Below is a picture from last year. Can't wait for it to warm up!



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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
I know of one person with Zeosand on here that says they will be going back to sand when it is time to open their filter. They say it does not work as well as sand :( There are not many on here that uses it.

I LOVE my sand filter (ease of cleaning). I also add some DE to it for that extra polish every once in a while.



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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
I'm with you Joe_C! I'm soooooo impatient for swimming weather to arrive.

..and I gotta agree with Kim and Pooldv. Skip the Zeo and get some classic pool sand/filter which you can top off with a bit of DE. The Zeo hasn't lived up to its promise.

Yippee :flower:


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Aug 19, 2014
Pacific NW
yep skip the zeo.

I had glass in my last house/pool and that's not very common but it worked VERY well.

Not any better that I would replace the sand I have now with glass, but there was no negative.