2nd season pool owner with a question


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Aug 15, 2017
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First of all thanks to all moderators and members. Iv'e been lurking here daily almost to the point of addiction reading and acquiring a wealth of knowledge which brought me to the realization that there is no such a thing as a STUPID question. The more the TFP community interacts the more I learn. Almost all of my questions have been answered as I continuously read.
Last year our son acquired a home with this pool. To say the least, at minimum it was an unused swamp of 6 years. With TFP I cleared the water and had crystal clear results. So to fast forward NOW, we are getting ready for year 2 and this is my concern at the moment. We have three jets and one skimmer. Skimmer is on the center of one side and the three jets opposite side ,one in the shallow 3 foot area and the other two are down the same wall in the semi deep and deep end (9.5ft). I removed the eyeballs for the winter and replaced with plugs. Now while opening I have to return the eyeball jets back into the pool and I'm not sure of two things. Of the 3 eyeballs two are 1" openings and one is 3/4" opening. I will assume the two larger go in the deep and the small one goes into the shallow. :confused: Is my thinking correct ? I plan on buying new ones as these don't move anymore so this brings me to my next question. Do I buy all 1" or 3/4" or keep it the same combination. What are the PROS and CONS to the size and what position do I lock them in once installed.
Thanks in advance, Allan


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May 19, 2010
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:wave: Welcome to TFP!!!

The eyeballs are interchangable ... hard for us to say where the smaller one was or why it was different ... trial and error I guess.

Smaller eyeballs will just increase the water velocity coming out, so it will "travel" further into the pool.
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