2nd season- balanced when opened not low PH

Jun 2, 2015
Kingston ma
hi- first this site has been great for me learning how to have a trouble free pool and saving money so thanks to everyone for that.

i just opened the pool 2 weeks ago seemed to get everything lined up pretty well. The TA was a little high at around 95ish. I checked the pool again yesterday and realized the PH was very low at around 6.8. My question is what should i do next? i wanted to get the PH up but then realized that the TA is going to increase. I then read to reduce TA get the PH down to 7 and aerate. I added some borax but havent retested yet but i added enough to get to 7.1. Should i now aerate to get the TA down before i add more borax to increase PH back to normal levels 7.6


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Jun 22, 2014
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If you added enough borax to increase pH to 7.1, then just aerate to raise pH more. Aeration only increases the pH, it does not lower TA. If you want to lower TA more, then once the pH is up to about 7.5-7.6, hit the water with acid to lower pH to about 7.0 then aerate again. Each time you do that it will also lower TA and leave it lower.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Some vigorous aeration will drive the pH up. The simplest way is to throw a kid and a kickboard into the water. Or turn a return eyeball up or construct a homemade aerator out of PVC. Anything to get the surface churning. What you're doing is essentially the same as shaking a bottle of Coke, just on a larger scale.
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