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Thread: Possible to piggyback actuators on Goldline Control

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    Possible to piggyback actuators on Goldline Control

    First, already have 4 valve actuators running on this system.

    While doing final walk through with PB we found out our spa return pipe does not have a check valve installed. As a result of this the water drains from the spa whenever the filter is off or the system is in spa only mode. This actually went unnoticed for many weeks since the spa return valve had been closed while the spillover brickwork was sealed. When the valve was finally open our pool had been on for 24/7 for some time after that so return was always sending water in. Only recently did we switch to timed filter runs. It seems we have several options. Since we have limited space at the existing valve, simply replace it with a check valve. But then I've eliminated the ability to turn the return off at all. Other option would be to replace the existing manual valve with a 5th actuated valve, however the PS-8 has connection for 4 actuators. Is it possible to join to valves off of one connection? That way, when everything is switched to spa mode, the valve on the return could be closed (since it's not needed while in dedicated spa mode). Right now, in order to use the spa, I have to manually close the return valve to prevent water from backflowing through this piping. One other option is to dig underneath footer where equipment is and install a check valve underground.

    Sorry for the long explanation. Bottom line is I would like to consider my options and the actuator may be less expensive than having them dig and add check valve. If it's possible to join this actuator with the spa valve actuator, that would be my preference. still can close the return if needed and no more draining. Probably could have been avoided if they had installed in first place or at least if I had enough room to add the check valve without digging.
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    The proper solution would be to add a check valve. Your PB should pay for it since this is a mistake.

    You can probably contact Goldline to see if you can have two actuators on one control. It may be possible since the actuators are switched with relays and fed off the same bus so current draw is less of an issue but I would double check with Goldline.
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    This is a question near and dear to my heart We've had ~5 of our pool owners decide to automate their systems after the pool was up and running and the plumbing all done. Because we didn't suspect the 'upgrade' the plumbing required 5 actuator valves to give the desired operation We had a Goldline tech come out to the first one and his fix was to wire 2 of the actuators together to one of the outputs. (** he told us there was a good chance of one of the actuator motors burning out earlier than it should because of this!! you will hear one of them 'clicking' while the other is turning - for some reason the 2 slaved together will only turn 1 at a time, once the first one is done the other will start turning - I think the 24 volts is only enough to turn 1) For some reason, when we used a Jandy actuator system, the 2 'slaved' valves turn at the same time You can join any 2 actuators that you know you will want to have move at the same time.

    As Mark said, the check valve would be more optimal
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    If you happen to still be weighing the situation...

    you've probably already thought of this, but just in case..

    I understand your room is limited, and that you might not want him to be digging, but maybe an option is to repipe, adding a straight section long enough to add a check valve?

    just an idea...
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