27' semi in ground pump/filter/drain questions


Jun 19, 2020
Hello. New here and to pools. So we are going to be purchasing a 27'x 54" semi in ground whenever they decide to come back in stock. Pools we are looking at is the pool factory saltwater LX, saltwater 8000 or the pool warehouse Tennessean. It will have a SWG. I am going to mount the bump/filter about 50-60' away from the pool. Their will be 3 90°ell in each pipe underground. Probably 2-3 more AG at the pump and 1-2 more AG at the pool. I'm going to go ahead and burry 2" pipe from the filter pad to the rough location the skimmer will be now as we are doing dirt work for concrete and a deck. My pool water level will likely be near the same level as my pump. Probably a few inches higher but need to plan ahead. Now that you sorta know my setup my questions are

I found a really good deal on a new S310s filter with 2" side mount valve assembly for $400. I know oversize for my future pool but as I'm reading, bigger is better. Being it is a good deal will this work fine being oversized a bit or should I go with a smaller filter?

Pump is next. I'm open to suggestions. I want 2 speed. Can be 115 or 240v. Everywhere I am seeing people suggest 1hp here but my setup is a little different. Things need considered is distance from pool and pump will not have nearly the flooded auction as others. It will likely be flooded but I think I should plan for it to be self priming should I end up moving the pool out further which will lower it. I am also unsure if I will need a bigger hp pump to backwash the large filter. Something to really move the water during cleaning I'm sure helps too being AGP only have 1 supply and 1 return. So I'm open to suggestions in pump here. Quality is more important than price to me but want something reasonable and reliable.

Bottom supply/drain. Haven't thought about this much or know if it's easily done butI if it's an easy thing to add then we certainly can. I hear they help with cleaning quite a bit and will give me another supply to the pump from the bottom to help clean it. Are these doable or worth the risk on a liner AGP?

Thanks guys. Sorry for the rant. Just trying to be detailed.
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