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Thread: Composite Pools?? Yes, No, Punt?

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    Composite Pools?? Yes, No, Punt?

    I like the concept of these lifetime warranty, carbon fiber/fiberglass pools - for me it feels like an upgrade from vinyl liner but not as costly as concrete/gunite?

    I got a soft quote on a kindey shaped "Cape May" pool for just under $25K (I need to see more about what is making that quote up of course), but at first look WOW, I am liking it?

    For those who have gone this route, give me some advice... good choice, pitfalls?

    Mike in Yukon, OK
    Matt Giovanisci

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    Re: Composite Pools?? Yes, No, Punt?

    I've only seen them come in the color white. They can pop out of the ground like gunite. You are limited to the designs manufactured, so you can't really add on a buddy seat or customize it like you would gunite or vinyl. On the other side of things there isn't a liner to change or puncture and the surface is neutral to water chemistry unlike gunite.
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    Re: Composite Pools?? Yes, No, Punt?

    I have seen this pop-out thing, or at least heard about it. I would like to think this is SOOO rare that when it does happen it's tied to negelect, abuse or some other preventable thing?

    They do come in colors and finishes now that look really cool...

    I am liking the idea of STRONGER than vinyl and chemically inert.

    Pricing wise I can save $10K it looks like, and that is appealing too.

    Have you seen what factors can attribute to this popping out thing?
    Matt Giovanisci

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    Re: Composite Pools?? Yes, No, Punt?

    They will pop out if you drain them completely and the groundwater is high. The only difference between a fiberglass pool and a fiberglass boat is which side the water is on! You'll also ruin a vinyl liner if you do that (but those are replaceable), and you can also pop a gunite pool (though it's more difficult since they're much heavier). They won't pop unless you do that.

    They are stronger than vinyl, but again, vinyl can be easily replaced if damaged, whereas a repair in a fiberglass pool will never look all that good. Supposedly they are easily stained by cobalt, but information concerning that is sketchy.
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    Re: Composite Pools?? Yes, No, Punt?

    Not sure if you saw this in pool school but worth a read


    If you are saving a ton fiberglass vs. vinyl, something doesn't sound right, unless the size you are considering is fairly small, and you should ask for a full price quote of what's included vs what is not and compare the two. I would especially be wary if that is the case assuming you want a colored/custom finish fiberglass shell. Also, fiberglass shells tend to get more costly the larger you go, especially if it qualifies as an oversized load and would require 1 or 2 escort vehicles on the highway/roads.

    Gunite would likely be your most costly option and takes the longest to build, hence the cost.
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    Re: Composite Pools?? Yes, No, Punt?

    Thanks, I don't plan to drain that rascal any lower than the skimmer (for winterizing) if that is even necessary - I plan on running a salt system.

    Has ANYONE had a good experience with these things (fiberglass/carbon fiber pools). So many horror stories out there it's just plain scary.

    I don't like gambling with $30K!

    Matt Giovanisci

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    Re: Composite Pools?? Yes, No, Punt?

    I think that, like most things, we and the manufacturers tend to exaggerate the differences rather than recognize that all three types work just fine with some minor differences. These pools are likely more prone to stain but that's only if you neglect the water chemistry. Gunite is certainly more susceptible to black algae but, again, only if you neglect your water.

    The list goes on and on but my point is that, with some study, you can review the advantages and disadvantages of each and then make your decision on what fits best for you. I actually would've chosen fiberglass but I could not get the size I wanted. I also didn't have the skills to do plaster work so a vinyl lined pool worked best for me.......not be cause it is the best pool but because it fit my needs the best.
    Dave S.
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    Re: Composite Pools?? Yes, No, Punt?

    Mike, they should be able to put in hydrostatic valves in the drains to eliminate the "popping out" issue, when/if you ever did need to drain the pool.

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