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Thread: Pool pump leak (Hayward S200)

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    Pool pump leak (Hayward S200)

    Hello, all. I'm new to the forum.

    I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this, and can give some insight. My filter is leaking around the square "Hayward s-200" logo on the front of the unit similar to the one depicted.

    Is this item removable? Can I maybe take it off and replace a seal or something (I didn't want to break it)? I can't imagine why or how this would be a functional part of the filter.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Re: Pool pump leak (Hayward S200)

    Welcome to TFP.

    The only way there could be a leak there is if the filter housing is cracked. That label is not riveted on it's glued. Are you absolutely sure it's leaking from around the label an not leaking at the dome top and running down to the label. You should remove the top filter half and inspect it from the inside to ascertain whether it's cracked or not. If it is, replacing the top half is the only safe solution. Repair is not recommended for that pressure vessel.
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    Re: Pool pump leak (Hayward S200)

    I will check again when I get home, but I'm almost certain its leaking from the bottom left of the plastic piece the label is stuck to. Thanks for the feedback. I will report my findings.

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    Re: Pool pump leak (Hayward S200)

    Welcome to TFP!!

    I just want to reiterate Bama's advice on that this is probably not where the leak is.

    When you get home, double check to see if it's not something on top that is dripping (air relief valve, pressure gauge or the dome itself) I'd dry off the tank then lay a dry rag between the dome and the label and see if you still see water around the label

    Please do let us know what you find
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: Pool pump leak (Hayward S200)

    IF it is cracked near the sticker (I think the sticker area is raised so if the filter did crack in that area it could follow that thicker band of material of the tank) the tank would need to be changed. there was a similar thread regarding a cracked tank that people mentioned plast-aid, epoxies, etc. But regardless of the type of repair it probably would not be worth having a catastrophic tank rupture while you were not around to turn the system off and clean up the mess etc.
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