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Thread: Water softned Pool Fill

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    Water softned Pool Fill

    We just started our pool build last Monday. We are on a well and I would like the pool's auto fill to be hooked up to the water that is softned by our softner. Our water is hard and it also has alot of Iron in it. It would be an easy hook up. What are your oppinions about this. Our plumber said he would do what we want. He also said that it wouldn't be worth it. that it would waste water. I don't see how? any insight would be welcome. I will post pics as i have many.


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    Re: Water softned Pool Fill

    I wouldn't fill the pool by using the water softener, it will run out and won't have time to recharge. It can also damage it.

    But hooking it up to the autofill would be fine though.
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    Re: Water softned Pool Fill

    Yes the Auto fill is what i was talking about. I will have the water trucked in for the initial fill.

    Thanks, Nick

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    Re: Water softned Pool Fill


    My vote is yes for the autofill, but have the plumber install a valve so it can be turned off in case the autofill sticks.
    A drain that maintains the proper level of water is useful if you live in an area with frequent rainfall.
    Other plumbing ideas include an outdoor shower or at the very least have your plumber install the piping for it now.
    Have your plumber install an outdoor faucet near the pump/filter area.
    These are all inexpensive additions now that will make your pool easier to maintain.

    CHEM GEEK can provide more information about dealing with Iron in your water, but here are a few general observations.
    Staining may be seen with iron levels as low as 0.3 ppm
    Water softeners can remove a limited amount of dissolved Iron from your water.
    Depending on the Iron concentration in your water it could stain the white fixtures in your pool like the skimmers and the return eyes.
    If PH gets above 7.6 it seems to cause more staining.
    If you start to notice staining and you are keeping your PH below 7.6 then you may need to add a sequestering agent monthly.
    The sequestrants with HEDP work well to prevent metal staining, slows calcium scaling and have a minimal effect on chlorine.
    If you have a SWCG be sure to use a sequestering agent that is compatible with salt.

    Taylor makes an excellent kit that can measure Iron concentrations from 0.2 to 2.00 ppm and is accurate to 0.2 ppm.

    Order the TF-100 kit and take control of your water chemistry right from the start.

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