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Thread: What cell phone service do you have

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    What cell phone service do you have

    Who has what cell phone service and what phone.

    I have sprint and a blackberry curve 8330.

    Looking to upgrade to either the htc evo or the epic 4g. I am leaning more towards the epic 4g as it has a keyboard as well as a virtual keyboard. It has a absolute beautiful screen, similar to an iphone.
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    Re: What cell phone service do you have

    AT&T ( ), but only 'cuz of the iPhone. Keep hearing the rumor that Verizon will have the service next year though.

    The iPhone is tough to beat (IMHO, plus I can get the Pool Calculator on it!), although the choice to make AT&T the sole provider did not make me happy!

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    Re: What cell phone service do you have

    I have AT&T on an Android phone. Web access to the calc helps me too. Would be nice to have it as a local app though (hint hint ).

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    Re: What cell phone service do you have

    HTC Touch Pro 2 on Sprint SERO plan!

    500 minutes, unlimited text and data for $30/month is hard to beat.

    Looking to move to an Evo soon. I've heard some of the Epics have Gps issues like the Moment.
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    Re: What cell phone service do you have

    T-Mobile 1000 minutes with no text/data

    Cheapo Samsung slide phone.
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    Re: What cell phone service do you have

    Sprint, I moved my company contract to them 2 years ago, I have the Evo 4g I prefer it to the Iphone (even though its not available with sprint) I like the higher resolution camera and Adobe flash support.
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    Re: What cell phone service do you have

    Verizon for me.. I have a droid and love it..
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    Re: What cell phone service do you have

    Verizon. And I have whatever cheap LG phone they gave me for renewing for 2 years, but it is bluetooth compatible, so I can use it in the car, but I don't. In fact, I wish I'd have just kept using my original phone that was 4 years old 2 years ago plus.

    I never text, we have 4 phones total on the account (inlaws) and use about 50 minutes out of 700 freebies/month.

    Not much help, am I?
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    Re: What cell phone service do you have

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard320
    Not much help, am I?
    A New Challenger Appears!

    Service provider: Bell (
    Phone: Sanyo SCP-7050 (or so the phone itself says)

    I barely even use mine as a phone. More like a page/calculator. I tolerate it's existence for my employer is the only one with its number and the one paying the bill. Does what it's being paid for.
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    Re: What cell phone service do you have

    I'm on my third Samsung Impression. The touch screen has gone out twice and I keep a protector on it at all times and even it's not scratched. This phone is very smooth and I have to be very careful not to let it slip out of my hands. I send about 1,000 texts a month and use about 800 minutes a month in calls. I don't access the internet with it (that's what I have an aircard for) so I can't comment on that.

    I have AT&T service but am switching to Verizon because they now have much better service in the areas I frequent the most. When I first went with ATT they were the only game in town but now they've been outpaced by Verizon in this part of the country.

    Do your research and go with the provider that has the best service and a plan that fits your needs.
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    Re: What cell phone service do you have

    t-mobile and Motorola "zine" cameraphone.
    The phone was free and is only OK as a phone. The camera portion is by Kodak and is fantastic; none better in a phone. With little kids & all I get awesome pics all the time.
    t-moble service is decent. We have 2 lines, 700min a month, $60 total bill. No text or data. Not a power user
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    Re: What cell phone service do you have

    PagePlus (no family plans) which uses the Verizon network; Samsung Omnia from Ebay; $29.95 1200min talk/1200 text/50mb plan. I got the phone to sync w/ outlook to figure out who's doing what when. I don't use the data - just wifi @ home & BT to sync.
    son uses a 2000 text plan $11.95 + about $3 a month for calls (teens kids prefer to text for some reason); old Envy
    Other 2 phones (old LG from previous VZ contract & a friend's discard) cost about $20 in minutes between the 2. We are saving about $30 a month from Verizon (3 lines) + added 1 phone for emergencies.
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    Re: What cell phone service do you have

    Verizon. Really the only choice in a rural area. Sprint and T-mobile are non-existent here. AT&T is usable, but coverage in most areas isn't as good as Verizon.
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