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Thread: High pressure?

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    High pressure?

    So I had the pump running while we were swimming today and my son asked me to turn on the waterslide. I did, and then when I went to close the valve to the waterslide, the pump started sounding like it was working really hard and the needle on the gauge was jumping back and forth from 30 to 40. I shut it down and back flushed the filter per my husbands instructions. When that was done I started the pump again and it was at 10 but I noticed the return valve was closed so I opened it really quick and it started doing the same thing. I shut it down and closed the valve and now I'm stuck. It kind of sounds like there is air in there or something? Or maybe a valve is closed that should be open? If I run it will the air eventually get out and the pressure go down?

    I'm not touching it until I hear from one of you or my husband calls.

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    Re: High pressure?

    Can you post a quick picture of the filter/plumbing...we should be able to get you going again
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    Re: High pressure?

    As Dman said, a pic would really help, but if all you did was open the valve to the slide, it sounds like it drew air into the system. If your filter has an air purge valve on top (usually near the bottom of the multiport) you can open it with the pump running and see if air or water comes out. If it's air just leave it open until all the air has been replaced with water. Be careful, you will get wet!

    Just a note: On some systems, lowering the system head (opening the slide valve without partially closing another valve) increases the flow which in turn increases the amount of water that has to be drawn into the suction which can cause the system to suck in air.
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    Re: High pressure?

    Okay, crisis averted. Brian called and I went out with the phone and started it back up and the pressure was fine. Apparently our fliter has a automatic air release valve, so letting it sit for awhile I guess got all the air that was in it out. Phew!

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