26" sand filter to big?


May 2, 2010
I have a 18'x48" round above ground pool. I has 1 1/2 PVC and a 1 HP Hayward pump brand new. I have been looking for a sand filter for 2 months now cause the one I have cost more to repair than I want to pay.
I found one on craigslist the is a 26" waterway high rate sand filter. Is that going to be OK with the setup I have? I just want to make sure the pump can handle it without any problems.
Any info would help. Thanks

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Jun 22, 2009
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Your filter can't be too big. A 26" filter will be fine with a 1hp pump. Filters are one place where bigger is better.

It means more sand initially but it also means lower head loss (i.e. more flow) and much longer time between backwashes.

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