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Thread: Hayward H100 series wont ignite.

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    Hayward H100 series wont ignite.

    I have a hayward H100 series heater.It came with a 3 ft cord.The nearest electric was 6 feet away.We rewired it with a 16 guage extension cord and plugged it in to a GFCI outlet .It ran for one season just fine .This year it wouldnt ignite.Two capacitors were blown on the control board. I replaced the control board (the ignitor is now clicking) but the heater will not ignite.After a service call and speaking to Hayward they said that they would not honor any warranty because the extension cord was blowing the control board. Would the extension cord of the same wire guage as the original power cord cause this? I have since removed the extension cord and hard wired it with 12 ga outdoor wire. The motor runs, the ignitor clicks but no ignition.
    Any thoughts on what maybe wrong now?
    It seems as though the gas valve isn't opening.....
    EVERYTHING propane has been checked thoroughly including bleeding the line.

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    Re: Hayward H100 series wont ignite.

    Tap the body of the regulator gently with a box wrench, a 1/2" should give you enough heft without being too hard. Sometimes the valve sticks if it's been sitting.

    Other possibilities include clogged burner orifices or too much gas pressure. The latter is not very likely given that the heater worked fine last season.

    The extension cord didn't have anything to do with the blown board if you connected it correctly.

    The board blew from a spike or being Hayward, because of the high quality components they used(cough). I am not a big Hayward fan. Haven't been for years and likely won't be going forward.
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    Re: Hayward H100 series wont ignite.

    I wished I'd found this site before I bought it.
    Thanks, thats the only thing I didn't try.

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