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Thread: Pool Liner's Condition after Pool Empties Out

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    Pool Liner's Condition after Pool Empties Out

    How long can a 3 year old vinyl liner sit without water (due to the liner coming out of its bead and the pool emptying out), before it is considered unusable due to shrinkage or other things?
    Thanks for your input!

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    Re: Pool Liner's Condition after Pool Empties Out

    Depends on the environment and liner. How did it come out to begin with?

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    Re: Pool Liner's Condition after Pool Empties Out

    Hi, I posted my *** story a little while it is...we didn't know why the beaded liner failed until the new company showed up about 10 days later and showed us the receivers were installed upside it was sitting around empty for about 10 days at the end of June....

    Well, we just had quite a deal with this subject....we had our 21' pool installed 3 years ago by "professionals"...a few days before we were to open the pool this year, I looked out the window to find my cover sitting inside my pool, all torn up...I ran outside to see my yard took a moment to realize what had happened....our liner came off the bead! During the swimming season, I remember there was a tiny section that didn't seem to stay in all that well....well, I had a new guy come to replace the liner....he saw immediately that the receiver was installed UPSIDE DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because they installed it upside down, the liner never fit snugly and the stabilizer bars would not fit over the receiver, so they were never installed (they must have just driven away with them)......I just paid him $700 for the new liner and install, $125 for him to come back to put the stabilizer bars on, and over $200 tomorrow when I pick up the stabilizer bars.....yeah, I'm serious. So, if your liner is coming off the receiver, make sure it was installed properly! Hope this helps to prevent someone else from this kind of misery!

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    Re: Pool Liner's Condition after Pool Empties Out

    I am laughing because I typed "*** story" above, and the "***" was deleted, as if I was cursing...but indeed, I meant it to mean my "sad" story...that did bring me to tears at the time!

    Does anyone have any idea how much lapsed time is considered ok, without concerns of the liner shrinking, tearing, etc?

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    Re: Pool Liner's Condition after Pool Empties Out

    ok, it did it again...the word that keeps getting "asterik'd" starts with an S and rhymes with cob.....when there's a will, there's a way, I always say!

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