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Thread: Upgrading pump - comparing apples & oranges?

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    Upgrading pump - comparing apples & oranges?

    We have an above-ground pool that just doesn't get circulated well - out of a box W-mart kind, and I suspect upgrading to a bigger pump would make less work for me with regards to keeping it clean & under control. Intex 1000 gph cart. filter/pump came with it. Right now the pump runs 24/7 unless the kids are in it (hour or two a day), and it still doesn't stay ahead of things. I'd like to spend around $200-$300, max, as the pool itself isn't a big investment...
    I'm looking at: 2100 gph sand filter, or 2000 gph intex combo SWG/pump/cart. filter or 4000 gph cart. filter pump. I think the 4000 gph is more pump than I need for a 15 ft round pool, but I don't want to upgrade & still have not enough pump...the sand intrigues me because of not having to change filters! but SWG is a good change too... any input?
    5000 gal AG with 1000gph (too small! walmart special) cartridge filter in Iowa

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    Re: Upgrading pump - comparing apples & oranges?

    Either the 2000 with SWG or the 2100 with sand filter would be a good fit for that pool.

    If you decide to go with the SWCG it's most likely the one with the copper ionizer and you can just unplug it at the cell.
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    Re: Upgrading pump - comparing apples & oranges?

    Thanks!! Pool sand is somewhat unknown locally (walmart is our only source within an hour) and I'd hate to think about shipping on THAT so the SWG may win out -- I'm reading up on the copper ionizer stuff now - I had no idea about that - and will see if it is the model with that or not, and if so, be prepared to undertake that minor surgery on it
    5000 gal AG with 1000gph (too small! walmart special) cartridge filter in Iowa

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    Re: Upgrading pump - comparing apples & oranges?

    Welcome to TFP

    You'll need either sand, de or a cartridge to filter your water. A SWG only produces chlorine to sanitize your water, it is not a filtering device.
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    Re: Upgrading pump - comparing apples & oranges?

    I can't help but believe the sand filter will be way better than the Intex cartridge filter. If it were me, I would order the sand filter through Amazon and drive an hour to buy the sand. Since there would not be enough money left in your $200-$300 budget, you can hold off on the SWG and maybe find a good deal on one before next spring. You may find a SWG pretty cheap over the winter if you keep checking Craigslist and ebay. My local Target had the SWG on clearance for $118 last weekend. If you can afford to expand your budget to $400, you can get the sand filter, sand and a SWG. There is another sand filter/pump combo on Amazon for just under $200 shipped, but it has a much smaller horse power pump than the Intex sand filter/pump.
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    Re: Upgrading pump - comparing apples & oranges?

    Where are you in Iowa? I have a 2000 gph filter and SWG combo that I could sell you. It came with my Intex 16ft. But, I upgraded to a sand filter, so I no longer need it. Although, I would go with a sand filter if you are able. Much easier to keep your pool clean...and no cleaning the nasty filters
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    Re: Upgrading pump - comparing apples & oranges?

    I consider the Intex filters to be worthless based on my two year experience while I was between pools. Unless the 2000 GPH is significantly different technology, you will be just circulating the same crud through your filter and back into the pool twice, instead of once. Go with sand, DE, or a real (non-Intex) cartridge.
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