25 years with a pool; TIGER SHARK cleaner problem


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Aug 10, 2021
Kamloops BC
Hayward tiger shark Qc problem
Since new when I pull the cleaner out of the pool a lot of what it collected falls right back in.
Is there a flapper or something missing from my unit?
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Aug 14, 2012
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Pureline Crystal Pure 60,000
On your bottom lid, are the flaps closing when you lift the clearner out of the water?Untitled.jpg


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Aug 15, 2017
Spring Valley, NY
I have no flaps I’ll take a picture and post it thank you very much
You may have the flaps but are possibly jammed in the open position. They're spring loaded and supposed to close when suction stops. I know on the Aquabot classic same issue if flaps don't return to the closed position dirt comes out with the water when being removed from pool.
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