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Thread: Best AG pool?

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    Best AG pool?

    I am seriously considering a "real" AG pool for next summer( going after the intex with a box cutter soon) and would like to install in the early spring. Which brand is the best? I have heard of several, and am open to suggestions. I would like to consider cost, but am thinking quality over cheaper is better. I already have a Hayward 200lb sand filter w/DE added, and a 1HP powerflo matrix pump, but am considering a 2 speed pump.
    Whats your fave brand?
    Which liner?
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    Everyone finds their favorite manufacture either via experience (for me I installed AG during college and put up a variety of brands), recommendation (of a friend, neighbor, relative), convenience (local pool store carries a certain brand and you can easily get parts), or cost (search the WWW and you will find the cheapest one have it shipped to your driveway).
    My vote: Doughboy is the premium brand for AG, ease of install, quality of materials, warranty, local pool store. Cost is higher then other brands (over $3k). The installation is very important to longevity of your pool. Level is the absolute key as well as virgin solid ground. The liner isn't as important, I'd just go with what the manufacture of the pool has. Again you can save a little money going online for the liner, but having one source for everything makes it simple to deal with.
    Good luck with the upgrade.

    {edit} if your interested in AG oval with a deep end, Doughboy is the way to go, look at the other manufacturers center straps they use.
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    We have a Vogue Atrium and find it to be well made. It looks better than some of the other pools I've seen as well.
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    We are very happy with our WilBar Seapsray - Wilbar manufactures many different pools including the Sharkline pools.

    I think you want to look for a pool with stainless steel nuts, bolts, etc., proper protective coatings, a strong upright and top rail, a WARRANTY and a good place to buy it from. A thicker liner of virgin vinyl at 20 or 25 is the way to go, the real cheapies are just that. Most any brand in the thicker guage will do - from there on good installation and maintenance are the key to good liner life. You already have some of the other equipment you will need.

    If you buy a really good pool from a really horrible dealer just because they are close or the cheapest or its a friend of a friend, you may regret it every minute. Parts missing, no customer service, etc. Even the best manufacturers sometimes have a mistake in the packaging or whatever. The dealer makes sure it is put right. Check the Better Business Bureau for complaints about that dealer - if they are not listed, find one that is. If shopping online, check the BBB Online version - some of those places also have a brick and mortor location so you can cross check both of them.

    Price does matter - sometimes all you pay extra for is the dealer's overhead or advertising. Find a pool brand with a solid reputation, find a list of dealers with good reputations as well and then price compare. The MOST important place to put your money and time is in the installation and preparation. Even a cheapie pool can last for 15-20 years of family enjoyment if installed and maintained correctly.
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    Vogue - Impact/Summum
    Awesome - strong - simple - good looking - easy to work on, easy to build, limited access for Wasps (tends to be a big problem with most pools used up here)

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