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Thread: !8 round general daily bleach amount to start with

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    !8 round general daily bleach amount to start with

    Hi every one Just signed up,

    Ton of information here, we have a 18 round I think about 8200 above ground Hay 1 1/2 DE
    I currently use 3" tabs, I add about one every 5 days and the chlorine / PH levels stay's
    perfect and shock about every 2 wks, our pool is out in the sun and I add some water
    about once every 2 wks or so, guess that's why the cya is always around 60, our water
    is basically Crystal clear all season. I read a lot around here over the last month great site.

    My problem is our pool is to small for the big containers of tabs yet the small sizes always
    run out? and I do not want to keep chlorine over the winter. I am going to incorporate bleach
    into my routine from time to time, any advice before I start? any idea how much just in general
    terms of oz's I might need daily, I know once I start adding some I will get my answers but I am
    just inquiring for starters.


    PS my wife said "what" your going to add bleach in the pool, but she knows I only do things
    after I really read up, so shes on board she just worry's about our 2 and 10 yr old boys. and that's
    how the pool supply outlets cash in, one time she came home with stabilizer and a host of other stuff
    when I asked her to just pick up a skimmer head, she didn't even bring water for testing with her
    she said the guy said its always good to have on hand, when I first found you guys I said you
    sound a lot like me.
    5 yrs old, !8 Round 8200 gallons
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    All Original works fine, so far.

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    Re: !8 round general daily bleach amount to start with

    Punch your gallons into the calculator for your cya level and you have it! I'm thinking a quart to 48 ozs. (daily)
    Tell wifey to buy the kids ice cream instead of pool chems!
    16x32x52" Steel Cornelius Miramar AGP Vinyl liner 13,100 gal. Buried 2 ft.
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    Re: !8 round general daily bleach amount to start with

    She just needs to understand that chlorine is chlorine. The only chemical difference between bleach and pucks is the the stuff that is added to it, the active ingredient is the same. Its funny how some people fear is the acid that freaks out my family
    33' above ground pool, 52" deep, about 27500 g
    sand filter w/zeobrite

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