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Thread: Doughboy 28 x 16 Expandable liner

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    Doughboy 28 x 16 Expandable liner

    So I started looking into getting an above ground pool about a month ago. It started out with just a very cheap Intex, then I started finding out how much was going to need to be doen to prepare the land. At this point, I figured I might as well start looking into nicer pools. I then decided to just see what was on Craigslist. I had been looking into a 15 x 30, and checked into the liner price. Looked like $500 max for the best. I then ended up purchasing a used Doughboy 28 x 16 with 48' walls. I went to the Doughboy dealer this weekend, and was pretty shocked to find they wanted $950 for the expandable liner. With only 48" walls, I pretty much decided I need the expandable liner.

    I decided to do some price shopping, but it is pretty much looking like I am at the mercy of the dealer. Appearantly only Doughboy made this size? I haven't been able to find anything on the internet in this size. I called another pool company in the area, and they could special order a SwimLine expandable 20 mil liner for about $700. From what I have read, the Doughboys liners are expensive, but also the best. Not sure what to think of SwimLine.

    Suggestions? Opinions?

    I'm in the DFW area, anyone know of a cheaper option? Are the Doughboy liners worth $950? Are they $250 better than the SwmLine liner?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Doughboy 28 x 16 Expandable liner

    I believe that you are correct in saying that you may be at the mercy of the dealer on this one. Doughboy pools have their own unique measurments and seems like the manufactor knew they sealed the deal on wholesaling replacement liners out. This site lists expandables for doughboys: you could give them a call and see what kind of deal you could work out by phone. To answer your question on wether or not it is worth it. I am going to go with YES!!! Doughboy is top of the line in AGP's. The closer you can get your liner dememsions to the pool wall demensions, the easier your install will be. Don't go bigger a a foot or two just to save money. Also, expect some wrinkles with an overlap expandable. I worked mine up the hopper to the shallow end and uner my steps.

    Good luck.
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    Re: Doughboy 28 x 16 Expandable liner

    I gave them a call, and sounds like the price is about right, at least for Doughboy. Probably order it up tomorrow. Thanks for the help.

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