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Thread: What water level do you guys recomend

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    What water level do you guys recomend

    Just curious if the water height effects the ability of the skimmer. My skimmer gap from rim to top is about 3-4 inches. How far above the rim should I keep the water level for maximum suction. Asking cause I see leaves come real close to the skimmer and sometimes they just float right past..

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    1 skimmer

    Thanks for any replies

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    Re: What water level do you guys recomend

    Generally, keeping the water level at the halfway point in the skimmer is generally what we recommend. For even better skimming action, you go can below the halfway point. Use care though because if the water level is too low, you can pull air into the skimmer and that's not good.

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    Re: What water level do you guys recomend

    Since air got brought up, let me go off topic. When I open my relief valve on the filter, air comes out. The longer i wait to open it, the more air comes out. Water level as never dropped past the skimmer, checked all the plugs on the incoming side of the pump, also replaced the 2in male adapter on the inlet side, still air... i am a plumber by trade so fixing it wouldnt be a problem, but finding out where it is coming from is the main issue. The air wouldnt be such a big deal, but it leaves an airpocket on the top of my filter lid, and everytime i clean the grids, i notice algae on the top of the lid from the airgap.

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    Re: What water level do you guys recomend

    Oh sorry, forgot to thank you for the reply

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    Re: What water level do you guys recomend

    One way to search for air leaks is to watch the air in the pump strainer basket while running a garden hose over different sections of the plumbing. When air stops entering the pump strainer basket, the spot you are currently running water on is the area with the leak.

    Air in the filter also reduces the effective filter area, which lowers the efficiency of the filter.
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    Re: What water level do you guys recomend

    Seems like a good idea, what if it is underground? How deep do pool guys usually bury the return line? Casue I'll dig it up if it is at a reasonable depth

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    Re: What water level do you guys recomend

    hey robby when you want to ask a new question, you should start a new thread so someone can answer you question without any confusion. it really helps to keep everything straight. You will really get some good info from this site.. good luck.
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    Re: What water level do you guys recomend

    When the water drops too low you may get a vortex in the skimmer that will suck air into the system. If you do not find any other source of an air leak try raising the water level an inch or two.
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