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Thread: Trouble with Mineral Springs SWG and Calcium

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    Trouble with Mineral Springs SWG and Calcium

    To start off with we have a 25K inground/indoor vinyl pool. We keep part of the roof open because of the heat. The pool does get UV rays.

    This year we decided to go with Mineral Springs SWG (Aqua Rite) We have had more problems keeping chlorine levels in our pool and water been cloudy 50% of the time. I know where the problem came from. The pool shop where I was going was just selling me expensive chemicals. So I have been on my own with the help of this web site and the pool forum. Thought I had all of my problems solved. Well guess not. Last week my cell inspect light was blinking so I went to clean it and it was fine. Since then my Chlorine levels went from 1.8 to .4 FC. I am thinking my cell is toast. I am headed to the pool place where I bought ASAP.

    Rest of the levels
    .4 FC
    .2 CC
    7.2 PH
    100 TA
    775 Calcium hardness
    50 ish CA

    1HP Whisperflow
    Sand filter with Zeobrite

    Am I right I need to do something about the Calcium. My well has hard water and so does the city. I called the plumber to plumb my water fill for the pool back to my Water softner. Hopefully that will happen soon. I was thinking about draining half the pool and then refilling with the softwater. Oh my PH was 7.4 the other day before I added muriatic acid. Do I need to get my TA down to 80? Last question do I still need to shock the pool every once in a while if so what should I use so? Over all the pool does not get extensive use. Pool Temp 86-90 PLEASE HELP
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    Welcome to TFP!

    Home water softeners are not designed to handle the volume of water that a pool needs. You can do it but the softener will need to be regenerated quite a few times.

    Your CH level is too high and if you can get it down that would be great. If it turns out to be impractical to get the CH level down there are things you can do to compensate for the high CH level. Keeping your PH below 7.5 helps and bringing your TA down to 70 would also help.

    If I understand correctly and the SWG is new this season then it seems unlikely there would be anything wrong with the cell. A flashing light can simply indicate that it is time for a scheduled inspection, not that there is anything wrong. A solid light is more likely to mean an actual problem.

    You need to keep your chlorine levels up even if there is a problem with the SWG. Get some bleach and add it to the pool before you get a serious algae problem.
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    Well I just got back from the pool shop. Here is their test results

    FC 0
    CYA 70
    PH 6.8
    Adjusted TA 59
    Hardness 447
    Minerals 2800

    So retest with my Taylor K-2006 kit
    PH 7.3
    TA 100
    Hardness 775
    Salt Display 3300

    I am adding 2.5# Super Soluble as we speak. For the PH and TA who do I believe. I know they use test strips and the computer reads it. I am thinking the Taylor kit is correct????
    25K Vinyl Ingroud/Indoor 1HP 30" Sand filter SWG

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    Trust your results. The tests in the Taylor kit are more accurate than strips and you should trust your results.

    Secondly, you need chlorine in your pool above all else. The sooner the better. Tell us what's in that Super soluable Stuff. I assume it's some type of chlorine (I hope it's not Cal-Hypo). Chlorine is most purely delivered into pools with clorox bleach....usually the cheapest, too.

    Next, it seems to me you have to figure out why your SWG is not producing chlorine. I don't have one so can't advise. Sounds like you've already started that process.

    How does your water look? If it's still cloudy, You need to shock the pool up to around 20ppm (with clorox) and keep it up there CONTINUALLY until your water clarity is restored.

    Last, test the fill water from your well for CH. If it's much above 300, draining and refilling will not be much help. As Jason said, a household water softener may not be up to the task of softening that big pool. Another water source may have to be a consideration.

    So, I know your concerned about CH but do not yet make it your prime concern. Get your FC levels up to shock value, hold them there 'til your water clears, then keep FC in the 3-5 range....all day, everyday. Next, get the SWG fixed than address the CH.
    Dave S.
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    Thanks for the info....

    Super Soluble is 99.0% sodium dichloro (bioguard)
    25K Vinyl Ingroud/Indoor 1HP 30" Sand filter SWG

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