24 ft AGP Sunk 2 inches on one side


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May 17, 2010
I installed a 24 ft x 52" above grond pool and one end sunk 2 inches. My question is can I take 2 inches out around the pool where it is high or can a person use a wedge for example to raise the one leg 2 inches that is low(wouldn't think that would be good). Skimmer is getting plenty of water also.. It is more of an eye sore because I can see the water is unlevel by 2 inches by my liner print. Also the low spot may be putting un-needed stress on the pool leg. The pool is an Atrium 24 ft resin so they are not metal legs. I also do not notice any bowing in the pool wall.



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Apr 8, 2007
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Are you positive it is the wall/support that is higher and not the liner laying differently on that end?

If you have one spot where the pool is high by just a tiny bit, people have scraped out the dirt under that part of the rail so that it drops down more level (where a wall was bowed or crinkled) and it would straighten right out. Not sure if the spot is low in one spot and and level everywhere else... Maybe it could be supported. Pictures would help.

I have one spot on the end of my pool where the liner appears to show the water sitting higher on the wall but actually it is stretched a bit more there due to a deeper dig on that end and we have a designed unibead/beaded liner (we checked with a laser level - it is correct)
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