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Thread: Losing Prime While Vacuuming

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    Losing Prime While Vacuuming

    Hi, I can't understand why I'm losing prime while vacuuming. To set up the vacuum, I turn the pool off, put the vac adapter in the vac hole of the skimmer plate, put the skimmer cover down inside the skimmer, turn the pool on, and it keeps prime. However, if I attach either my regular hose to vacuum, or the Aquabug hose to vacuum, (after, of course, bringing the hoses to the return, filling them with water, keeping them underwater while attaching them to the vac adapter) I lose prime in about 1 minute....I am using 2 different hoses, so what are the chances that they are Both cracked somewhere? I would appreciate any ideas....

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    Re: Losing Prime While Vacuuming

    Is the place where you attach the hose at the skimmer above the water line? You can try removing the skimmer basket to see if that is causing a problem. Just my two cents, although I'm by no means an expert
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    Re: Losing Prime While Vacuuming

    Might be air in the hose. Be sure to get all the air out and try it again. I submerge the hose until the bubbles stop and then place the hose over a return to push the rest of the air out. You will know when the vacuum stops bubbling. Then attach the hose and it should work.
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    Re: Losing Prime While Vacuuming

    Perhaps the plate doesn't seal well against the skimmer, and you empty the skimmer and start drawing air in? I measured things up then browsed the plumbing section at Lowes until I found some pieces to make an adaptor. I plug the vacuum hose directly into the skimmer pipe - no basket, full power. No air gets in.
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    Re: Losing Prime While Vacuuming

    I'm pretty sure all of the air is out of the hose...but I'll try the "submersion" method tomorrow, described above...thanks... I do maintain prime with the skimmer plate down and adapter in place....its when I put either of the hoses on that makes me lose prime.....I doubt both of them are cracked or something...but wouldn't that just be my luck!
    Thanks for your input!

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    Re: Losing Prime While Vacuuming seems one of the screws on the skimmer needed to be's working!

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