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Thread: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

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    Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    Is great value bleach the same concentration as clorox? I also read a post where someone was saying something about bleach being super cheap at Aldi's. Is there bleach comparable? From what I understand Clorox is 6% correct? If someone could tell me what the others are, so I could make the better choice money wise. Thanks for your help!!!
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    Re: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    The WalMart brand (Great Value) is also 6%, so it's the same as Clorox. I've been buying the large 182 oz jugs for around $2.54 each. Someone did also post here that Aldi's is selling bleach at a much lower cost than that even. I believe it's also 6% but have not tried it yet myself.
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    Re: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    As far as the concentration of sodium hypochlorite is concerned, 6% is 6%. So as long as the bleach is fresh, there should be no difference on that particular front.

    There is a thread on here that discusses other variables between the bleach brands though I am not able to locate it right now, but there are some differences in pH from lot to lot in the other brands of bleach, much more so than in name brand Clorox. Bama Rambler has knowledge in this area I think.

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    Re: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    I live outside Kansas City and our Aldi currently has their bleach for $1.09 for 96 oz (reg $1.29) which makes it even cheaper than Walmart's Great Value. It states on the label that it is 6%, the problem is it only comes in the small bottles, so twice as many to dispose of.
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    Re: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    I just bought clorox on sale at walmart @ $7.27 for a three pack of 1.42 gal containers. Cheaper than the walmart brand I've been buying.
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    Re: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    Keep in mind that "regular" bleach is 5.25 % (normally). So a gallon of 5.25%, and a gallon of 6% is only a differance of .75 ppm per 10k gal of pool.
    I did see some "value" bleach, which was 3%... I avoided it.
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    Re: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    I have just found another 6% bleach out there in Big Lots...White Cloud Bleach.

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    Re: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    I get mine at Sam's Club 3 132oz bottles for like 5bucks and some change. Oo and it is Clorox
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    Re: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    Has anyone ever found a place to order 55 gal drum of bleach? I have been looking into it because I got tired of the abundance of jugs real quick last year. You can only come up with so many sunday school crafts using jugs, lol!

    I have found a few places online but haven't contacted any yet. Wondered if anyone here had ideas as to pros and cons of this. Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    Not personally, but likely available to commercial customers. Another option to avoid jug luging could be to use the 5gal carboys at your local pool store, filled with 12% chlorinating liquid (esentially double concentration bleach). It may be slightly more expensive, but in some cases can even be cheaper than using bleach. Other option is to use a SWG for chlorination.
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    Re: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    My local pool store doesn't have 5 gal carboys, but they do have gallon jugs with four to a milk-carton-style container. They reuse the bottles so there's no recycling or waste. You might check around to see if any pool store has any sort of reused or refillable container option for chlorinating liquid.
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    Re: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    I haven't done any pricing locally but I found these 15 gallon carboys that I might start buying, unless I can find a similar amount cheaper. I think 55 is too much to have around for my needs.
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    Re: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    I use Walmarts, Have had really good luck with it. sometimes in the summer they run a little short on it.. I guess TFP has gotten out!! Which is a good thing. I really like using store bought Chlorine(bleach) because you can get it at the same time your buying your groceries. One stop shopping for us..
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    Re: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    I buy my bleach at Costco. $7.15 for three 182-oz jugs of 6% Clorox. I bought 9 boxes once and the checkout guy remarked, "that's a lot of bleach!" I said, "there was a lot of blood." KIDDING! As easy as the BBB method is, I'm always surprised when people raise their eyebrows when I explain I only use bleach to keep my pool sparkling blue. Lots of people that are being pool-stored.

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    Re: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    Just checked my Aldi's yesterday ... $0.99 per 96 ounces. And I keep an eye on their stock levels and they seem to go through it reasonably fast (in my area). Although I have heard that half-life of bleach at the right temp. can be up to 6 years, so I am not too concerned. All in all, Aldi's bleach worked well for me last season and I will be using it again this season. Hope this helps.
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    Re: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    I was at Walmart yesterday and the Walmart brand bleach was 4%,not the 6% you guys have. Maybe its a USA vs Canada thing
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    Re: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    just check'd mine Great value still 6%..I ? Aldi.Last year everyone was talking about it being cheaper..When to 2 Aldi store's and both stores the sale by date was out of date..So I wonder if that is why it is cheaper..
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    Re: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    One problem with getting bleach in 55 gallon drums is handling it. First off it is going to weigh around 450 pounds, it will also be considered Haz-Mat for transport purposes, although it should fall under 1,000 pound limit for plackarding and CDL -Hazmat license requirement. Would likely need to be delivered with lift gate truck, moved around with a drum dolly, etc. If you want something bigger than 1 gallon jugs you might try buying it from a janitorial supply company that sells bleach in 15 gallon plastic drums, I use one of these for my chlorine injection pump, photo can be seen here: download/file.php?id=6909&t=1

    That particular drum is from a Spartan Chemical brand laundry program, and originally contained 12% bleach
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    Re: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    I can't remember the exact #s, but I want to say GV is almost $3 per 182oz bottle and Sam's has 3 bottles of 182 Clorox for around $7. Brand name and it's cheaper? I'm buying 3 bottles at a time anyway.

    oh, and of course both are 6%
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    Re: Great Value Bleach vs Clorox

    Where I am, the GV bleach is $2.54 for 182oz at Walmart and the Sam's 3 bottle box is $7.58 which is just over $2.52ea.
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