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Thread: Inground Pool Repair Advice :?

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    Inground Pool Repair Advice :?

    I am a new member. I am looking for advice regarding pool repair. We live in NE and had our inground 16x32 vinyl liner pool installed 10 yrs. ago. One contractor installed the pool and a second contractor installed the concrete decking. Two hairline cracks appeared after the first winter. We called both contractors who said this was common and we must have expansion or ice dam problems. The hairline cracks have become larger and the coping is now becoming a problem. The cracks have caused 2 tears in the liner (above the water line). I have a few questions: What should we do? Is it repairable? We live in NE - shouldn't the structure of the pool have compensated for the NE winters? Could this have been a bad install?
    Any advice is appreciated!

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    Re: Inground Pool Repair Advice :?

    Not all liner pools are constructed the same. No two properties are the same. The number of variables is quite substantial.

    Some pictures would help.

    Often, the underlying cause is hidden until the time to repair comes and things become exposed. Pointing fingers won't do anything but raise tension. I think the goal is to fix the pool, not aggravate the bummer of a situation by spreading the "cheer", if you know what I mean.

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    Re: Inground Pool Repair Advice :?

    Hi Scott,
    It is a bummer and I'm not trying to find fault. I am confused as to "where to start". I will take a few pictures if that helps.

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    Re: Inground Pool Repair Advice :?

    Hi, once you post some pics and we can go from their
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    Re: Inground Pool Repair Advice :?

    I realize this took a while but I finally was able to get pictures of my pool! It was difficult to get the pics so small - I hope you can see the problem. If you have any advice - I sure need it! As I mentioned, this pool is only 10 yrs old and the cracks appeared in year 1.
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