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Thread: Refilling my pool

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    Refilling my pool

    I am a new pool owner (inherited it with the house I bought). When I opened it I could not get the pool clear. It was green for two months and I dropped at LEAST $500 on chemicals to get it clear! The pool store people kept telling me to FLOCK it and all kinds of other stuff, so I did....nothing worked! I finally decided to drain it and start from scratch!

    I have done some research on BBB and it seems effective and inexpensive so I am going to give it a shot. My question is, while I am refilling my pool, do I need to add bleach,etc as I go?

    Any help or tips for refilling my pool would be awesome!!
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    Re: Refilling my pool

    Also, should I add some shock so that I can get my CYA up? My pool people said that there should be 0 CYA!!!
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    Re: Refilling my pool

    You may want to browse through the Pool School, Beginners Guide for Seasonal/Temporary Pools. I know this is not a temporary pool but the start up part of that is basically what you want to do. Fill. Adjust pH. Bleach to 6 ppm. Dichlor to maintain Fc and add CYA until you get to 30-50 range.

    For permanent pools you also tend to TA and CH after you know for sure what they are and if they need adjusting.
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    Re: Refilling my pool

    The cheapest method to balance the water after refilling is to use stabilizer/CYA purchased separately. You'll pay more if you go the dichlor route.

    You can find HTH brand stabilizer at Walmart in the pool department. If they are out, check other stores with pool departments, and the pool store will have CYA.

    How do you plan to chlorinate daily? (bleach or tabs?). If you use bleach, target 50 for your CYA, if you plan to use tablets, target 30.

    You want to use liquid chlorine or bleach to maintain your FC levels accordinly - if you start out with 0 CYA (which a complete drain and refill will leave you with) you need to add enough bleach each evening to keep 2ppm in your pool, once the CYA dissolves you refer to the chart for your proper levels.

    Have you tried the Pool Calculator yet?

    Start adjusting PH first, add your CYA, add your bleach. Test the PH and FC daily until you are confident things are stable. It takes 5-7 days for the stabilizer to fully dissolve and register on tests - so wait to test until then, just assume your targeted level is the new level and maintain the chlorine accordingly.

    Hope this helps, post back if you need clarification on anything...
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