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Thread: Easy Set 16x3.5 and Model 633 pump

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    Easy Set 16x3.5 and Model 633 pump

    Newb to the forum here - we've had an Intex Easy Set AGP for about 3 summers. It is the 16x3.5 bladder-type, and works well for the kids until they get a lot bigger and we find a house with a much larger back yard.

    At the end of last summer I finally got tired of the tiny filter pump it came with and purchased a Model 633 pump, with all the adapters. Set that thing up this year, and I have been screwing with it since.

    The adapters won't seal tightly on the inlet/outlets that are on the pool. The pool has 1-1/4" inlet/outlet pipes, the pump needs 1-1/2", so we have these

    One of the comments on Amazon discusses exactly the problem I am having - the adapters just don't seal properly. After a minute or two of running perfectly, they start sucking air, drastically reducing the output of the pump. I've tried silicon, plumber's grease, teflon.... nothing helps. So, the reviewer states that he cut the existing inlet/outlet pipes off and just used the ones that came with the larger pump:

    My concern with this is that it is a rather permanent step - once I cut those out, I am committed, so I want to be sure that I didn't miss a crucial post somewhere here... I did search, but couldn't find anything.

    Thoughts on the matter? I really don't want to go back to the little pump, but the big one is just not working as it should.

    Thanks for your input.

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    Re: Easy Set 16x3.5 and Model 633 pump

    ak96ss, welcome to TFP!
    I don't think I'll be much help with your issue, but hopefully someone who can help will chime in.
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    Re: Easy Set 16x3.5 and Model 633 pump

    Not familiar with that connection, but it sure looks like it could use an O-ring.

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    Re: Easy Set 16x3.5 and Model 633 pump

    Yes, it would be great if they configured it so that you could use an o-ring instead of the flat rubber gasket it uses - the rubber just deforms under the pressure and sucks air.

    I took a deep breath and did it yesterday - using a sharp utility knife, I carefully cut out the existing fittings and put on the ones that came with the pump.

    Wow, what a huge difference - works like a charm. The water now shoots across the entire pool, and no more air sucking! I can see why it was sucking air - the old fittings with the larger pump were somewhat akin to trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose - or a bowling ball through a straw. Just not enough area for the pump to pull enough water.

    I'll put some pics up later, just so it's clear what I did. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the actual hole I cut, but you'll at least get the idea.

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    Re: Easy Set 16x3.5 and Model 633 pump

    I wouls love to see pictures. We are about to embark on this journey of a bigger pump.
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    Re: Easy Set 16x3.5 and Model 633 pump

    Yes, PLEASE post some pictures.
    I have just put the 2500 GPH pn my 15' and was wondering about enlarging the holes for the larger fittings. Did you use any cement or anything to seal up any issues?
    Mine is not sucking air, I just want to use the return with the eye that came with the pump.
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    Re: Easy Set 16x3.5 and Model 633 pump

    Yes pics please as I just purchased the SWG and 2000GPH pump and was thinking about doing the same thing. Thanks, Howie
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